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The Learning to a Greater Degree Contract FAQs

  1. Will I need to sign an actual contract?
    Think of this contract more like a promise; with your commitment, we will be by your side making sure you are successful. Because it is a conceptual contract, there is no paper to sign. However, there are incentives to keep you on track with your commitment, like the 15 to Finish Scholarship.

  2. Am I required to take 15 credit hours per semester?
    Taking 15 credit hours per semester (30 credit hours annually) is our recommendation to help you graduate on time, and we are sweetening the deal by offering 15-to-Finish scholarships. However, if you do not feel comfortable with that class load, take the right load to empower you to succeed in your coursework.
    Remember, 15 hours is an average, so you could take 12 hours each semester, pick up 6 hours in the summer and still be on track!

  3. What is the amount of the 15 to Finish Scholarship?
    First-time Full-Time Freshmen can earn a scholarship worth $1,000 to be awarded in the final year of undergraduate studies, split $500 each semester.
    Transfer students, if they meet eligibility requirements, may be awarded a scholarship of $500 during their final semester of undergraduate studies.

  4. How does the prescribed first year curriculum affect my department's four-year plan?
    The great news is that they work seamlessly together! The four-year plans focus on classes in your major, while the prescribed first-year courses will help make sure you get the right foundation and prerequisites done to enroll in your major-related courses.

  5. I live nearby. Can I still live with my parents?
    Yes, the exemption requirements for housing will still be available for students who live close to campus and want to commute from home.

  6. How does UCM provide the seven-day-a-week experience?
    We are serious about offering students a seven-day-a-week campus, and we know some of you are night owls. Expect to see expanded hours for dining, fitness, retail and the library. We want to make sure you can access the resources you need when you want them!

  7. Academic advisors' schedules are packed! How can more students see them every semester?
    We are hiring more staff and putting more resources in place to make this possible. We will make sure your advisor is available to you and has the time to really work through your schedule with you. They will help you take the right 15 credits each semester.

  8. If I am living on campus for two years, how does this save me money?
    Did you know that because scholarships and some aid do not apply after four years, an extra semester would cost you upwards of $7,600? Students who live on campus engage more and are more successful in and outside the classroom, so we know that living on campus really does pay off!