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Where Will Mo Take You?

Flat MoYour UCM education allowed you to travel far and wide. Where will MO take you? Follow these easy steps and show us where Flat Mo will take you this summer. Come back to this web site to follow Flat MO's adventures.

1. Download Flat MO (PDF requires Adobe Reader).

2. Take a picture or video with Flat MO. A vertical format works best.

3. Be sure to include yourself in the picture.

3. Email us at (25 mb size limit).

4. Include your name, class year, city, state, and where you are with MO.



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June 2012

MO at a T-Bones game in Kansas City with Herb '73 and Lana Farnsworth '77, '82, '94
MO at American Pickers in Iowa with Dell Stephens
MO dirt biking with Johnna Thompson '05
MO at the Rock 'n Roll Museum in Seattle with Cindy Kelley
MO at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., with Gavin Tade ’94
MO at Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, British Columbia with Jeff McClanahan ’90
MO at the Iowa State Capitol with Ginny McTighe
MO on the Mississippi River in Hasting, Minn., with Tom Wyrsch ’78