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Flat Mo's Adventures — November 2012


MO with Brad Thomson '77 in Luxor, Egypt, at Ramses III Habu Temple
MO with Mary '74 and Brad '77 Thomson at Ramses III Habu Temple in Luxor, Egypt
MO with Mary '74 and Brad '77 Thomson in Petra, Jordan
MO spends Thanksgiving in the Colorado Rockies with Traci Miller Via '91 and husband, Dan, '95.
MO at the Great Wall of China with Carol Hassler '83, '86


MO at Sherwood High School, Mo., Alumni Career Day with teachers who are UCM alumni. Back row, from left, are: Patty Nipko '88, '93, '01; Tammy Winder '85, '91; Gayle Wilson '84; Christy Gurney '94; Darla Chastain '04; Racheal Watson '05; Melissa Everhart '99,  '02; Lori Burns  '04,  '09; Amanda Sidfrid '10; Bryan Himes '07; Ross Wienberg '02, '04; Amber Wilson '09; and Brenda Koch '93. Front row, from left, are: Jennifer Barth '95), Johnna Thompson '05), Tara Carter '01, '08), Mike Baker '93.