Blackboard @ University of Central Missouri

Blackboard Login Information

New Students:

If you are new to the university, your Blackboard account will not be created until two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.  You will not be able to login until your account has been created.

All Students:

Blackboard uses your UCM network username and password for authentication.

Your network username is:
three initials + last four digits of your 700 number + zero
ex. sem12270

Your network password is randomly generated by the Office of Technology.

For more information on how to retrieve your network username or how to reset your network password, see this page.

Please remember, your Blackboard sections will not show up in your course list until your instructor makes it available to you.  Please check with your instructor as to whether Blackboard will be used and when the section will become available.

For other Blackboard issues see the Blackboard Student Help Page, or contact