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Dockery Suite 110
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4901

TEID Priority Statement

  1. On-line course design is our first priority, and it requires time and participation from both TEID and the instructor. Best Practices states that a full year is optimum, but that there should be at least one semester before launch to do it right. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are creating or revising a course for online delivery and would like our assistance.
  2. Any print production will now require AT LEAST 48 hours notice. This is not a guarantee that it will be completed in 48 hours, but it will not be done before that. This does not include design efforts, which will require more time (see below).
  3. Any print production that also includes design will need at least two weeks advance notice. Again, this is not a promise of delivery, but the minimum window that we need.
  4. If you have any projects that involve the TEID studio, under the direction of Carol Knight, including (but not limited to) large groups of students checking out cameras and recorders, having recordings dubbed on to DVDs, or editing and/or posting recorded material, Carol Knight must be notified by the end of Week 2 of the semester for which the work is assigned. Better yet, work with her as you finalize your syllabi to avoid potential conflicts.

Please note that while the following are actually out of our field of responsibility, we will be making decisions on a case by case basis in an effort to assist in the transitions resulting from reorganization. Please note that you will be directed to approach the appropriate office first; however, if they cannot fulfill your needs, we may be able to do so. These jobs will only be completed when time allows, and must be scheduled with the Coordinator of the TEID team . There will come a time when this work is no longer being done by this office, so we do suggest finding alternatives now:

  • Recording, printing, or producing work for emeriti professors' research that is NOT being presented as representative of UCM.
  • Recording, printing, or producing projects that are strictly for public relations purposes for a course, department, organization, or the university itself.
  • Recording, printing, or producing projects that are intended purely for publication, profit, or publicity (as opposed to those that are for UCM-sponsored research presentation at conferences, etc.)
  • Recording, printing, or producing Graduate and Honors College student projects.
  • Editing any student work produced in or for class. Instructors should make certain that students have the skills and resources to complete the assignment as made and that the instructor has the knowledge and experience to assess the assignments (this includes still photography, video and audio recordings, and all general software and presentation programs).