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Dockery Suite 110
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4901

Technical and Training Support

Empowering faculty and staff to use the educational tools available to them is one of CentralNet's primary objectives.  CentralNet offers over 150 hours of training each semester.  For dates and times of the following training sessions, you can browse our Training Calendar.

Blackboard Learning System

  • Open Houses - at the beginning and end of each semester you can come in and receive help with developing your Bb course
  • Blackboard Getting Started - a 1 ½ hour session which introduces you to basic features offered by the Learning System
  • Multi-Media Options for the Web - a 1 hour session sharing best practices for using different media formats on the web
  • Bb One Hour sessions - we have divided Blackboard into 12 different areas and offer a 1 hour session on each area each month

Adobe Presenter and Acrobat Connect Professional

    Four different sessions are offered each month:
  • Adobe Presenter Basic - offered the first week of each month - gets you up a running with the Presenter module
  • Acrobat Connect Professional - offered the second week of each month - you will be able to conduct rich and engaging web conferences after this session
  • Adobe Presenter Advanced - offered the third week of each month - you learn the more advanced features of the Presenter module including quizzes and video
  • Adobe Training and Events - offered the fourth week of each month - Training and Events allows you to track individual student progress and create robust reports

Podcasting @ UCM

  • iTunes U Course Management Training - this session will show you to upload and manage podcasts and vodcasts on our iTunes U @ UCM site
  • Developing Podcasts - special sessions are offered each month showing you ways in which you can develop your own podcasts using software such as Audacity, Garage Band, ProfCast and Camtasia
  • Using Wiki and Blogs - this session will show you how to create and manage your own wiki and blogs on UCM's OSX server

Additional Training Venues

  • Creating Blackboard Tests Imports with Respondus - with a site license to all faculty and staff, Respondus allows you to easily create tests for Blackbaord
  • SynchronEyes - a software that allows you to monitor and control student computers in a lab setting.  It is also a great teaching tool including giving quizzes
  • Using I-TV technologies - Two 2 ½ hour sessions are offered each semester instructing you on the technical and pedagogical issues in using Interactive Television as an educational tool