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Center for Teaching & Learning

Administration 304F
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Central Technology Grants

Request for Proposal


As a function of the statewide mission, Central Technology Grants were instituted in 1998 with dedicated funding through the Center for Teaching and Learning. The budget line currently totals $130,000.00. The grants are intended to assist academic departments to meet the equipment, training, and miscellaneous technology needs not covered by or funded through the student technology fee, department and college funds, and multimedia classroom awards.

Over the past fourteen years, there have been numerous examples of how Central Technology Grants have contributed to the use of professional technology in education at UCM. During the fall 2012 (FY 2013) round of funding, Central Technology Grants were awarded to 15 departments. Items funded included scanners and digital cameras for Art & Design, headsets for Educational Foundations & Literacy, Sim Pads for Nursing, Virtual Reality Enhanced Mannequins for Nutrition & Kinesiology, and a Dust Extraction System for School of Technology. Funding for similar projects, often not met by ordinary funds, has been made possible many times by these grants.

Software will no longer be funded by Central Technology Grant funds. The Academic Software Funding Committee has been established as a subcommittee of the Centralized Software Review Board to provide funding for the acquisition of software in the upcoming fiscal year. For more information, please contact the CLO / Provost Office.


All grants will be awarded on the basis of specific proposals that, if funded and implemented, will directly contribute to the achievement of the statewide mission in professional technology.  Priority will be given to proposals that meet one of the following objectives:

  • Advance instruction in the use of technology in careers and education
  • Advance the use of technology in student learning
  • Enhance the technological knowledge and skills of faculty and/or staff

1.  Each year the Central Technology Grants Committee, composed of faculty members representing all colleges, convenes and reviews the guidelines for the grant proposals. At that time, a request for proposals is submitted to all academic departments across campus. 

2.  Department chairs consult with faculty and, making use of standard forms provided below and at the CTL website, submit their funding proposals by hard copy and digitally.  

3.  The members of the Technology Grants Committee evaluate the proposals, amend them when necessary, and rank them. 

4.  Departments are then notified of the grants awarded to them, and proposals are funded on the basis of the rankings until the total allocation is expended. 

5.  The CTL administers and oversees all purchases and, when savings accrue, previously unfunded proposals may be funded according to their original ranking. 

By following this procedure, the limited dollars are stretched as far as possible to accommodate more departmental needs across college lines, avoiding the accumulation of excess dollars in particular department or college budgets.


DEADLINE DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS TO CTL:  Wednesday, October 31, 2013, by 4:00 p.m. in the Administration 304 F office, both in hard copy and digital format (PDF format).

1. In order to accommodate the needs of a broad spectrum of departments, awards are limited to no more than $15,000 per department during the 2013-14 fiscal year. Proposals and/or separate requests may be completely or partially funded.

2. Each departmental proposal may include up to two (2) distinct requests. Each request is limited to two (2) narrative pages in addition to the itemized budget and any sales quotes. Requests submitted exceeding two (2) narrative pages may not be selected by the committee for funding. Please use the electronic form available for download at the following web address:

A copy of the form is also attached to this request for proposals. Each proposal must be submitted in electronic digital form and in hard copy format by Wednesday, October 31.  Send to digitally and by hard copy to the Center for Teaching and Learning, Administration 304 F. 

3. When the proposal contains more than one request, the requests should be prioritized by the department. Note: Due to limited funding, the Central Technology Grants Committee may choose to fund a second priority rather than a first priority.

4. The Central Technology Grants Committee may also choose to completely fund a proposal, to fund a portion of one or more requests in a proposal, or it may choose not to fund a proposal.

5. Requests may include items which fall into the following categories:
  • Computer peripherals - e.g. printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc.
  • Technology related training (Training must be held during the 2013-14 fiscal year and not already be available on campus. In addition, personal certification programs or workshops are ineligible.
  • Nonconsumable laboratory equipment
  • Other (as determined by the judgment of the Central Technology Grants Committee)

If you have questions about how the technology listed in your proposal will interface and work with the University's existing technologyresources, please contact the Office of Technology for assistance.

 6.  Requests for the following are not considered as they are funded through other budgets:

  • Desktop computers and laptops intended for faculty or staff use
  • Multimedia classroom equipment
  • Salaries/wages of staff for laboratories or other technical needs
  • Software
  • Consumables (e.g. toner cartridges, batteries, bulbs).
  • Travel expenses related to technology training. 
  • Computers used for departmental computer lab workstations.

Note: Any item funded during the 2013-14 fiscal year must be purchased during the fiscal year, unused funds are retained by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

With members appointed by the Faculty Senate, Professional Staff Council, Support Staff Council and by the Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, the Central Technology Grants Committee reviews and makes recommendations on various competitive grants available through the Center for Teaching and Learning. 

Name                Position Term
Michael Grelle Committee Chair  
Charlene Atkins Library / Academic Enrichment 2015
Mike Jeffries Staff Appointed / Office of Technology  
Linda Lynam Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies


Sheri Mattson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 2015
Brad Mears College of Health, Science, and Technology 2015
Ruth Burkett College of Education 2016