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Browser Compatibility for Argos

If you use Argos, you may have noticed that the "web viewer" function will allow you some access in any browser. However, this access is not complete. Most current Argos reports will not run correctly in the "web viewer", so it is being discontinued as of Thursday, December 19.

To get full functionality with Argos, open it in Firefox, IE, or Chrome. If you receive a Java error, please try a different browser. If you continue to receive Java errors, you may need to contact the TSC to evaluate your Java version.

Mac users, please note: Unfortunately, Argos still will not work on a Mac correctly without a PC emulator (such as Parallels). This is a vendor-made decision about their product design. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions about Argos, please contact the Technology Support Center.

For more information:
Contact Technology Support Center at or call 660.543.4357