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Sales Education Foundation names the University of Central Missouri in listing of 2014 " Top Universities for Professional Sales Education"

The Sales Education Foundation (SEF) announces the release of their 2014 list of Top University Sales Programs, highlighting the sales program in UCM's Department of Economics, Finance & Marketing as one of the top programs preparing students for professional selling careers. Sales offers a great career choice for a variety of reasons: 1. While employment rates remain flat for recent college graduates, top sales programs average over 92% job placement for their students, within three months of graduation. 2. Approximately 50% of all graduates with a business degree will enter the workforce in a sales-oriented role. Students with a sales education ramp up 50% faster and turnover 30% less than their non-sales educated peers. 3. Sales graduates report their career satisfaction at over 77%. Average starting salaries for sales representatives, average over $56,000.00. 4. Students from sales programs average 2.8 job offers before graduation.

Sally Stevens, Executive Director of the Sales Education Foundation, noted that companies have an increased focus on partnering with university sales programs, "With a proven track record for producing top sales talent, the future of university sales education is brighter than ever."

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