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Another round of Irish football and hurling championships this weekend

Irish Football (soccer) and hurling competition will be featured again this weekend on KMOS-TV's MHz Worldview channel, 6.3. On Saturday, station will broadcast action from the GAA Football (soccer) Championships beginning at 2:00 o'clock. On Sunday, the GAA Hurling Championships will be broadcast, also at 2:00 pm.

If you don't receive KMOS-TV's channel 6.3 on your satellite or cable system, consider adding a small broadcast reception antenna to your television reception system.

Besides obtaining all three KMOS channels, some of the extra program streams offered by other area broadcast stations should also become available to you when you add a reception antenna, including Kansas City broadcast channels "THIS TV" channel 29.2, "Antenna TV" channel 4.2, and "Me TV" channel 9.2.

If you'd like more information, write to us at:

KMOS-TV Att: Antenna Reception Information Wood 11 - UCM Warrensburg, MO. 64093

For more information:
Go to:
Download: Sustaining Memberships EFT Form.docx
Contact Mark Pearce at