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Local programs from the UCM campus and international newscasts are yours on KMOS-TV

UCM's public broadcast station KMOS-TV presents three distinctive channels to the thousands of residents in Central Missouri. Unfortunately some area satellite services don't carry KMOS, which keeps viewers from receiving such locally produced shows as SPORTSPAGE, University Magazine, and Show-Me Ag. But there is a way you can augment your reception system to receive ALL area broadcast channels.

The simple cure is to install a broadcast reception antenna in addition to your satellite reception lead-in. From the Warrensburg area even an inexpensive, indoor reception antenna might do the trick. Not only will you then have access all three of KMOS-TV's distinctive channels, you'll probably start receiving additional channels from the Kansas City area as well - like "THIS TV" channel 29.2, "Antenna TV" channel 4.2, and "Me TV" channel 9.2.

Call KMOS-TV (660) 543-4155 and ask for a flier on antenna reception for further information. We hope you'll be enjoying KMOS'TV's three program channels soon!

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