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Dr. Woon Serves as Associate Director for Group Relations Conference in China

Jeanne Woon, Ph.D., Psychologist in the UCM Counseling Center, will be heading to China in May to serve as Associate Director for a Group Relations Conference on Authority and Leadership in Recovery from Mental Illness and Addiction. The conference's primary sponsors are the A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems (AKRI), the Division of Group Counseling and Group Therapy of the China Association for Mental Health, and the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, which will also host the event.

Members and staff of the conference will include mental health practitioners and academics from China and the US.

Dr Woon, who has been with UCM since 2001, has been involved in AKRI for twenty years, during which time she has served as consulting and administrative staff on multiple group relations conferences around the US. She also served on AKRI's Training and Certification Committee for five years, holding the position of Chair from 2009-2011.

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