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The Ken Burns App released this week

The Ken Burns iPad App, launched this week, sets the stage for an innovative look at more than two centuries of American history from a curated look at selected excerpts from the entire library of Ken Burns films programs seen on KMOS-TV and PBS stations nationwide. The app can be found in the Apple app store at:

Marking the filmmaker's first complete catalog foray into the digital space, the Ken Burns App is one part of a digital initiative that will enable fans to experience the films as never before.

Burns contributed his own voice in exclusive interviews and created six thematic playlists that illustrate how a specific theme shaped American history. For each playlist - Race, War, Innovation, Art, Hard Times and Politics - Burns has provided extensive filmed introductions, putting the excerpts from selected films in context, telling behind-the-scenes stories, connecting the moment to the larger theme. Burns said the App supports "the collisions of free electrons of a scene from this film and a scene from that film made 20 years apart suddenly interrelate in a new way."

A short video about the app is available here:

If you appreciate Ken Burns and other historical accounts on public television, then send in a KMOS-TV membership contribution today. You can be placed on the subscription list for the station's program guide that will help you take advantage of great programs ahead. Call the station at (660) 543-4155 for more information.

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