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Understanding the new Tobacco Free policy

As you know, UCM becomes tobacco free as of January 1. In an effort to prepare the campus, Student Experience and Engagement is bringing Ty Patterson from the National Center for Tobacco Policy to campus to lead a day and half of workshops, which will allow individuals to get a better understanding as to how we can use this change to create a more supportive and respective campus environment. These workshops will occur on campus on November 13 and 14 with each session lasting about 30 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A. Attached is the schedule that has been devised after consulting with several key units on campus.

Specific units have been assigned specific times and we hope supervisors will make every effort to allow staff members in their area to attend. However, if someone in your area cannot attend the assigned time, there is a session offered on Nov. 13 @ 3:45 that is for anyone in the campus community who cannot attend their group's assigned time; also, if a staff member falls under the Professional/Support staff category, they could attend that session rather than one that is designated for their specific area.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not tobacco cessation workshops. Rather they are intended for the campus community to understand the policy and what each individual's role is in the implementation of the policy to others on campus. You can learn more about Ty Patterson and the NCTP at You can review the policy adopted by the UCM Board of Governor's and get additional information at the link provided below.

Please contact Student Experience and Engagement if you have any questions. Thank you.

For more information:
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Download: Confirmed Ty Patterson Schedule.docx
Contact Shari Bax at