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Office of Community Engagement

Union Building 224
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4156
Fax: 660.543.8613


Summer Bridge Program

The University of Central Missouri’s Summer Bridge Program builds connections between students, parents and teachers in the greater Kansas City area. The program is tailored for students who are first members of their families to attend college.

Students explore campus life, while parents gain knowledge to help students navigate the admissions process and apply for financial aid. Skill building, workshops, tours, field trips, and other activities combine to make this a valuable and fun learning experience for all participants.

Program Description

The three-week on-campus experience allows students to:

  • Experience college life first-hand
  • Practice taking college entrance exams
  • Learn about what it takes to make it in college
  • Participate in diversity training
  • Explore potential careers
  • Take field trips related to academic studies
  • Take courses focused on science, math, literacy, technology and college preparation
  • Learn about Central’s unique academic programs


Participation is open to Kansas City Missouri Area District first generation students who have completed the freshman year of high school and are entering the sophomore year.

Program Format

The students are divided into groups and rotate through each week of offerings and complete a variety of academic courses.

Core curriculum focuses on literacy, science, technology and math. Supplemental workshops incorporate the following skill areas and will be linked to the core curriculum: study skills, career exploration, technology, time management skills, and research. Field trips and hands-on experiences are incorporated into the curriculum. In addition, students get exposure to specific programs: Aviation, Business Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Education, Mass Communication and Nursing/Pre-Medicine.

Program Length

Students reside on the UCM campus in Warrensburg for the duration of the three-week program. The program starts on Sunday and ends on Friday.

Evening & Weekends

Students participate in service learning projects and field trips related to the core curriculum on evenings and weekends. Recreational activities such as bowling, swimming, hiking, roller-skating, fishing, tennis and softball are offered. Graduate Assistants coordinate evening and weekend events, providing supervision when students are not in class.

Program Continuation

UCM maintains on-going communication with Summer Bridge Program students throughout their high school careers. Faculty/staff and current UCM student mentors are paired with each graduate of the program.

Students completing the Summer Bridge Program are invited to UCM each summer to participate in a portion of the Summer Bridge Program. Graduates of the program serve as mentors to the following year’s student participants.

Program Continuation

Individuals, organizations, or businesses are invited to contribute to the academic future of Kansas City’s high school students.

Sponsorships are available at various levels:

  • Program activities
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Academic modules

To make a contribution, contact the Office of Community Engagement at 660-543-4156 or the UCM Foundation at 660-543-8000. Gifts of any amount will help provide a valuable experience for the youth of Kansas City.