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Department of English & Philosophy

Martin Bldg., Room 336
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4425


Guide for English Majors

This guide is a collection of information or advice that you may need or find useful as an English major. It is not intended as a book of rules and regulations but simply as a handy reference on various points that may concern you as you pursue your course of study. It does not replace the general catalog or the yearly calendar, although it may repeat some information from these sources or others.

Survival Guide
The Guide for English Majors 

Use the guide as a handbook. Look it over to see what it covers. Keep the guide handy and refer to it when you need to. If you find all the information and advice a bit overwhelming at first, don't be alarmed. The goals, expectations, and opportunities suggested in the guide are general and flexible. Adopt, follow, or take advantage of them when you need them and when the time is right.


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TESL Student Handbook 2013-2015

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Guide for English Majors

English Major Guide