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Department of English & Philosophy

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Applying for the Missouri

K-12 Teaching Certificate in ESOL

NOTE:  If you are not familiar with the process for becoming certified to teach in the public schools in the state of Missouri, please consult the Teacher Education Policies and Procedures section in the latest edition of the UCM Undergraduate Catalog.

To apply for the K-12 ESOL Certificate, please complete the following steps:

1.    Review the requirements for certification listed on the following page.

2.    When you have met all of the general requirements and all of the professional requirements that are listed, please complete these two forms:


     (Application for Added Certification), and


3.    When you have completed both forms, take them to the Registrar's office and ask that they send the forms along with an official copy of your transcript to the following address:

Director of Teacher Education and Certification
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
P. O. Box 480
Jefferson City, MO  65101

4.    If you have any questions, you may wish to contact one of the following offices:

Director of Teacher Education and Certification
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
(see address above)
(573) 751-0051

Director of Teacher Certification
University of Central Missouri
Lovinger 2170
Warrensburg, MO  64093
(660) 543-8441

Certification for K-12 ESOL

in the State of Missouri

Requirements for the Added Certification:  Please note that certification to teach English to speakers of other languages (ESOL) in public schools in the state of Missouri is an add-on certificateApplicants must already have a teaching certificate in another area of specialization.  Individuals without a first Missouri teaching certificate may wish to visit UCM’s Teacher Certification Office in the Lovinger Building, room 2170, to explore ways that they might earn one. 

I.  General Requirements for Application for K-12 ESOL Certification

A.      A baccalaureate degree from an approved college or university

B.      A valid teacher's certificate in the state of Missouri

C.      Satisfactory completion of an approved college or university teacher preparation program in teaching of English to speakers of other languages (ESOL) consisting of a minimum of 21 semester credit hours.

D.      Recommendation:  Satisfactory completion of one year of college level foreign language study or equivalent experience in learning another language within another culture.

II. Professional Education Requirements

A.      Psychology/Education of the Exceptional Child (including the Gifted) (EDSP 2100: Education of the Exceptional Child or PSY 4200: Psychology of Exceptional Children)

B.      Basic Reading Techniques for Secondary Teachers (EDFL 4210: Teaching Reading in the Secondary Schools)

III. Professional Requirements for ESOL Certification (21 semester hours)

A.      A minimum of 15 semester hours in five basic fields of knowledge.

State standard or competency:

UCM program:

1. Linguistics and English Linguistics

ENGL 4110: Linguistics or ENGL 5110: Grammar for TESL (3 hrs.)

2. Language & Culture

ENGL 4120: Language & Culture (3 hrs.)

3. Second Language Acquisition

ENGL 5120: Second Language Acquisition (3 hrs.)

4. Methods of Teaching Second Language Students

ENGL 5800: TESL Methods (3 hrs.)

5. Materials & Assessment 

Assessment standards:  ENGL 5820: Assessment & Professionalism in TESL (3 hrs.)

Materials’ standards:  ENGL 5800, 5860, & 5870.  See item 4 above & item C. below


B. ESOL Practicum (3 hrs.) ENGL 5890: Practicum in ESL (3 hrs.)
C. Elective Coursework (3 hrs.)   

ENGL 5860: TESL I: Spoken Language or
ENGL 5870: TESL II: Written Language may be taken as an elective course.