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Tunnel of Oppression Educates About Privilege, Race, Class and Gender


The harmfulness of judging others based on their race is one of the tough topics addressed in the Tunnel of Oppression.

A long but somber and respectful line stood outside the Elliott Student Union ballroom. Students, faculty and staff were waiting to tour the Tunnel of Oppression to understand social justice issues and modern forms of oppression affecting their community.

As part of Unity Week, tour groups were taken through various rooms built in the ballroom, each room addressed a specific issue. Presentations conducted by on-campus groups such as the Association of Black Collegians and Students Advocating Gender Equality educated participants on ways oppression occurs and how to become more conscious of others' experiences because of their race, class or gender.

"I wanted to get a broader understanding of injustices that still happen," says Bobby Jackson, a senior Social Work major. "Whether it's race or sexuality, these forms of oppression need to be addressed."

The Tunnel of Oppression was just one part of Unity Week, Feb. 23 - 26, which also featured a panel on sexuality entitled "Guess Who’s Straight," "The Pocketbook Monologues" and a performance by poet Carlos Andrés Gómez.

"Unity Week highlights different identities to bring awareness to the UCM community," adds Brianna Nesbitt, graduate assistant for diversity education.

By touring the Tunnel of Oppression, UCM's community members became more mindful of the experiences of others and experienced learning to a greater degree.


Shatto Milk and UCM's Small Business and Technology Development Center Develop Plan for Business Success

UCM alumnus Leroy Shatto, owner of Shatto Milk Company, recently was recognized by the MU Extension Business Development Program with the Excellence in Missouri Business Award.

Shatto worked with the Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Center at UCM and UCM students to develop a comprehensive plan for the growth of his business.

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