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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

Faculty Senate Alternates (1 year term, elected)




Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

Glenn Dutcher

Don Wallace

Qingxiong Ma

College of Health, Science & Technology

Coleen (Shirley) Fritz

Jay Reveill

Susan Stockton

Alexander Richards

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science

Robert Lawrence

John Malta

Joshua Taft

Melanie Johnson

Library / Academic Enrichment

Alice Ruleman (L)

Charlene Atkins (AE)

College of Education

Jerry Neal

Krystle Gremaud

Adriatik Likcani

Unafilliated Faculty
Lindsey Simanowitz





University of Central Missouri- Faculty Senate Office- Union 309- Warrensburg, MO 64093- phone: 660-543-4808

E-mail Correspondence to the Faculty Senate Office may be sent to:

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