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International Affairs Committee


To advocate that the policies and procedures relating to the university's commitment to international education are clearly established, defined, understood and implemented.

This would be addressed through the review of policies and procedures concerning areas such as curriculum, program planning, recruitment, scholarship, admissions, student orientation, faculty/student exchange, alumni relations, residential life, student services, organizations and fees as they are related to international education. In addition, the committee should encourage multi-cultural events and promote cultural awareness through utilization of total university resources (students, faculty, staff, administration, community, media, etc.).


Reports to Faculty Senate


A. Composition (17 members)

1. Eight faculty representatives (the testing coordinator from the MA in Teaching English as a Second Language Program, one from the English Language Center (ELC) and one from Modern Languages.

2. One staff representative

3. One student representatives

4. One community representative

5. One representative from Extended Campus

6. One representative from the Provost's Advisory Committee (ex officio/non-voting)

7. Faculty representative from the Graduate Council

8. Director of International Students and Scholar Services.(ex    officio/non-voting)

9. Executive Director of International Programs (ex officio/non-voting)

10.Director of International Admissions (ex officio/non-voting)

B. Selection

1. At-large faculty representatives nominated by Faculty Senate Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Faculty Senate

2. Staff representative appointed by Professional Staff Council

3. One international student representative recommended by the International Student Organization and appointed by the International Student Adviser

4. One community representative selected by the committee

5. Representative from the Provost's Advisory Committee selected by that committee

6. Faculty representative from Graduate Council selected by the Graduate Council

C. Selection of Chair

Previous years vice-chair becomes chair. Vice-chair is selected from second-year faculty members.

D. Term of Service

Three Years (staggered).  Students serve one-year terms. After serving for two consecutive terms, a member will be ineligible to serve for a period of one year.   Exceptions may be made by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees or the Faculty Senate Elections Committee.


The committee chair is responsible for creating and maintaining a Procedures Manual, a copy to be kept in the Faculty Senate Office.

Meets monthly or as needed.     Does not meet in summer.

Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.

REV 4/06; REV 5/2014


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