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UCM Foundation

Smiser Alumni Center
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8000
Toll Free: 866.752.7257

UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant Program

NOTICE: Fifteen projects ranging from nanoparticle research to wireless camera sensoring to an ethics game, solar electric vehicle and earth stories art exhibition were approved for fiscal year 2015 funding through a UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant. Read more.

The UCM Foundation Opportunity Program supports targeted, student-centered activities of UCM faculty and staff resulting in significant outcomes that benefit the university's learning environment. Grants start at $100 and range to an individual maximum of $5,000. Grants are funded on the fiscal year running July 1 through June 30.

The UCM Foundation Opportunity Grants must fund expenses related to a specific project. Examples of allowable expenses include research, service projects, supplies, equipment, software. Types of expenses not covered include salaries, release time, conference fees, travel, assistantships. Applicants are limited to one proposal per year. The UCM Foundation is the official fundraising arm of the University of Central Missouri.

Established in 1979, the foundation procures, maintains and administers philanthropic gifts that advance the university's mission and help students attain their college goals. In keeping with that mission, the UCM Foundation established the Opportunity Grant Program in 2013 to support faculty and staff who have ideas but insufficient funding for entrepreneurial projects that will strengthen the university's learning environment and students' academic experience. Through a competitive process, the UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant Program provides one-time seed money for projects that advance the university's learning environment and students' academic experience.

Projects Previously Funded


Recent Gifts Helping UCM Students

  • $20,000 for social work senior scholarship
  • $11,054 for Mules Golf
  • $14,762 to KMOS
  • $450,000 charitable gift annuity to benefit art department
  • $15,275 in-kind gift for art department
  • $10,000 for Mules Baseball
  • $10,701 for GA Athletic Training
  • $12,000 to Wrestling Practice Room Construction
  • $33,300 to female agriculture scholarship