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Dancing with the Professors 2015
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Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Coordinatior

Phone Number

Academic Advising in Higher Education -GC Jerry Neal 660-543-8497
Autism Spectrum Disroders-GC Jerry Neal 660-543-8497
Community College Leadership - GC Jerry Neal 660-543-8497
CTE Administration Leadership-GC Barton Washer 660-543-4580
Diversity Issues in Higher Education - GC Jerry Neal 660-543-8497
Elementary Math Specialist - GC Nicole Nickens 660-543-4235
Family Nurse Practitioner - GC Linda Mulligan 816-282-1106
Geographic Information Systems -GC

Keshav Bhattarai


Lean Six-Sigma -GC

Ronald Woolsey


Network Security - GC Ronald Woolsey 660-543-4340
Nurse Educator - GC Linda Mulligan 816-282-1106
Online Teaching and Learning -GC Odin Jurkowski 660-543-8387
Social Gerontology - GC Mary Kelly 660-543-8509
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies -GC Karen Bradley 660-543-8195