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Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support

Dockery 212
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4156


Meet the Campus Advocate

Eugene C. Stillman, UCM's Campus Advocate

Eugene C. Stillman
UCM Campus Advocate

Students, are you ready for another year, full of fun and exciting programs challenging academics, and other activities in which you can become involved at UCM?

The Best of Times 
The best years of our lives are our college years. That is a true statement, however, you do not realize it until you have graduated and become gainfully employed in the career of your choice. College is a time when students have the opportunity to learn, grow and make life long friends.

Complex Issues
University life is also one that can be very complicated at times. There are times when we all need someone we can talk to, ask for advice, bounce things off of, or just a person that we can use as an outlet to get things off our chests.

Campus Advocate Stop by for Assistance
You can visit the campus advocate and talk about your concerns, ask your questions. From the simple to the complex, any issue that hinders you from achieving here at UCM is a priority for me.

Your campus advocate is here for you when you need assistance. With 20 years of experience at UCM, I have seen many things change and evolve.  I will work with you until a resolution is reached. Come by my office and visit with me, let us make sure that your college years are the best time of your life!


Eugene C. Stillman
UCM Campus Advocate