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Department of Marketing and Legal Studies

Dockery 300I
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4246


Concentration Areas

The marketing field consists of a wide range of dynamic career opportunities such as professional selling, sales management, advertising & promotion management, retailing, distribution management, product & brand management, international marketing and marketing research.  At The University of Central Missouri students may combine selected marketing elective classes to concentrate in one of the following four areas, or they may customize their selection of elective classes to fit their personal interests.

Professional Sales
Professional salespeople are the foundation for all successful organizations and skilled salespeople are in high demand. Marketing students are required to take Mkt 3430 Professional Sales.  Additional professional sales classes may be taken and students may significantly enhance their career opportunities by participating in various sales competitions including the National Collegiate Sales Competition and the UCM sales scholarship competitions held with the fall and spring Mkt 3430 classes.

Marketing Communication
Advertising and sales promotion careers are exciting and challenging areas that are very popular with marketing majors.  Several marketing elective classes are available to provide students with additional preparation for these careers. Internships and participation in various AMA/Ad Club competitions provide valuable professional development opportunities for students seeking careers in this area.

Marketing Management
Marketing managers may be responsible for managing any or all of the marketing functions within an organization.  Some more specific careers may be responsible for retail operations, distribution systems, product lines or brands, and market analysis or marketing research programs.  Marketing managers may also serve as managers of a salesforce or managers of the advertising and communications programs of organizations. Internships and participation in student organizations and competition opportunities are strongly encouraged to further the professional development of all marketing majors.

Global Marketing
A student’s career opportunities expand immensely with an understanding of global marketing.  The International Marketing course, taken by all marketing majors, provides insights into the environmental perspectives of doing business outside the home country.  In addition, students are encouraged to spend a semester abroad, participate in an international study tour or an international internship to expand their understanding of the global marketplace and gain a first-hand perspective of an international market.

Concentration Areas within the Marketing Major at UCM

By completing the marketing major core, and through proper choice of elective courses, you may focus your marketing education towards a specific career track.  The marketing major core and areas of focus are outlined below.

Marketing Major Core (required for all marketing majors)

MKT 3405 Marketing Policy
MKT 3430 Professional Sales
MKT 3480 Consumer Behavior
MKT 4460 International Marketing
MKT 4470 Marketing Research
MKT 4490 Marketing Management

Professional Sales
Marketing Electives (15 hours)

MKT 3460 Advanced Professional Sales
MKT 4420  Sales Management               
MKT 4440 Seminar in Marketing (B2B Mkt)
MKT 4450  Integrated Mkt Comm. 
MKT 3435 Internship in Marketing (1-6 hrs)

Marketing Communication
Marketing Electives  (15 hours)

MKT 3420 Principles of Advertising
MKT 3450 Digital Marketing
MKT 3460 Advanced Prof. Sales
MKT 4450  Integrated Mkt Comm.                        
MKT 3435 Internship in Marketing (1-6 hrs)  

Marketing Management
Marketing Electives (15 hours)

MKT 3410  Retail Management
MKT 4420  Sales Management 
MKT 4430 Marketing Distribution
MKT 4440  Seminar in Marketing (B2B Mkt) 
MKT 4450 Integrated Mkt Comm.
MKT 4454 Sports Marketing
MKT 3435  Internship in Marketing (1-6 hrs) 

Global Marketing
Select 15 hours of Marketing Electives from the following:
Study Tours, 3 hrs.
International Internships, 3-6 hrs.
Study Abroad Programs, 3-12 hrs.