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CJ Team Claims Fifth National Championship

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG -03/29//2007 - In an unprecedented show of skill and teamwork, UCM's Gamma Epsilon Delta chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association/Lambda Alpha Epsilon returned from the ACJA/LAE national competition with its fifth consecutive sweepstakes championship. The group traveled to Wilmington, DE, March 18-23 for the national ACJA/LAE conference.

Historic Win on National Level

It is the first time in the history of the organization that a participating school has taken the sweepstakes trophy for five consecutive years. This year's competition brought together approximately 430 members from six regions.

Fourth Time to Receive Top Gun Award

They captured 17 first place wins in 45 contests in academics, 10 out 18 in firearms, including Top Gun, and placed in crime scene investigations and the talent contest. Maj. Richard Gillespie, a team advisor and officer with the UCM Department of Public Safety, also captured the Top Gun Award in firearms competition for the fourth out of the last five years.

National Win Follows Regional Victory

The sweepstakes win by UCM follows the team's fifth consecutive sweepstakes win in regional competition last fall, also a regional record.

Competition in Variety of Areas

Individuals compete in three divisions. Students with fewer that 70 credit hours compete in the lower division, and students with more than 70 credit hours compete in the upper division. Faculty and professionals compete in the professional division.

Those receiving awards were:

  • Criminal Law, Upper division - first, Angela Dudley; second, Heather Barklage; third, Charlie Pappert; Professional division - third, Roger Pennel.
  • Corrections, Lower division - second, Morgan Lee; Upper division - second, Angela Dudley; third, Charlie Pappert.
    Juvenile Justice, Lower division - first, Morgan Lee; second, David Schack; Upper division - second, Charlie Pappert.
  • Police Management, Upper division - first, Heather Barklage; Professional division - second, Roger Pennel.
  • LAE Knowledge, Lower division - second, Ashley Hughes; Upper division - first, Jessica Nelson; second, Mary Andrew; third, Angela Dudley.
  • Crime Scene Investigation, Upper division - third, Elizabeth Hicks, Caitlin Walker and Carol Griffin.
  • Firearms, based on a possible of 480 points; Upper division - first, Brody Sanson, 456; second, Brando Meyer, 450; and third, Katie Weyerich, 444; Professional division - first, Richard Gillespie, 475; second, Charlie Tomlin, 460.
  • Firearms Team, Lower division - first, Travis Bailey, Bryan Wilkins and Tom Noble, 1,283; Upper division - first, Brody Sanson, Brandon Meyer and Mike Staat, 1,345; second, Ben Hall, Derrick Jones and Charlie Pappert, 1,283; and third, Kate Weyerich, Jeremy Cook and Bobby Warner, 1270; Professional Division - first, Richard Gillespie, Charlie Tomlin and Ryan McGuire, 1,344.
  • Scholarship, Upper division - second, Clarinda Garrett; Graduate division - third, Kimberly Wheeler; Outstanding Papers, Graduate division - first, Heather Barklage, "Prosecutorial Misconduct: The Problem, Current Solutions, and Possible Future Remedies to Curb these Miscarriages of Justice"; second, Keisha Costello, "Correctional Officers and the Impact of Stress."

Additional UCM students participating in the competition were: John Alderman, Steve Aston, John Bassett, Jeryn Batman, Heather Cox, Kelly Duggan, Jessica Duvall, Nancy Ely, Jennifer Ianno, Mathew Kyger, James Laney, Jenna Law, Larry Lehman, Alan Martinez, Stacie Price, James Roche, Q. Shields, Joannie Smith and Calvin Wendler.

group of people

Among the UCM students and faculty receiving top honors at the American Criminal Justice Association/Lambda Alpha Epsilon national competition were, left to right, students David Schack, Angela Dudley, Jessica Nelson, Ashley Hughes, Morgan Lee and Mary Andrew; Roger Pennel, professor of criminal justice and advisor for the group; and student Charlie Pappert. UCM returned from the competition with a fifth consecutive sweepstakes championship.