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UCM Graduate Student Awards

Willard North Graduate Student Research Award

The Willard North Graduate Research Award is named in honor of Dr. Willard North who devoted many years to fostering research at UCM.  Dr. North was a proponent of sound research design, appropriate statistical techniques, and proper interpretation of results.

The purpose of these awards is to promote and encourage those with the highest levels of graduate research and scholarly investigation in keeping with Dr. North’s standards.

The Willard North Graduate Student Research Award is available to all graduate students seeking graduate degrees from Central Missouri. All applicants must be enrolled in graduate courses during the semester in which they apply for the award. Graduate students are limited

to one (1) award per degree program and a maximum of two (2) awards. Awards will be made only during the active phases of the research/thesis and will not be made after a project/thesis has been submitted for final approval. The Willard North Research Award is funded in

amounts from $50 to $300. For projects with exceptional circumstances, students may apply for additional funds up to $200. Applicants should detail in their request the exceptional circumstances that necessitate the additional funds. Applicants should be aware that the total

pool of funds is dependent upon endowment growth and that the additional funds may not be available to support the project. Applicants should indicate whether the project can occur without the additional funds or whether in the absence of additional funds the project should

not be considered for funding.

Application Instructions

  • The application must include:
    • Cover Page and Abstract form complete with signature approvals by the appropriate faculty sponsor, department chair, dean or other appropriate supervisor;
    • Electronic abstract
    • Concise, informative proposal with 1” margins and 12-pt font appropriate for a non-technical audience with labeled sections containing the following (six page maximum Word or PDF document);
      • Background, Problem Statement and brief Literature Review;
      • Goals, Objectives and Significance or impact of the study (be explicit);
      • Methodology or Procedures (include time/work schedule);
      • Line Item Budget with Justification (one page maximum);
      • Listing of other sources of support for this project (one page maximum);
      • Curriculum vitae or statement indicating the qualifications of the faculty sponsor (one page maximum);
      • A short description of the relationship of this study to the research interest of the faculty person with whom the student is working;
      • If the request is for more than $300, include detail regarding exceptional circumstances and whether project can occur without additional funding.
    • Copy of any instrument used (survey, etc.).
  • The application (includes all items in section 1 above) should be sent to Teresa Williams, OSPRI, Admin 315, Proposal length is limited to six (6) pages total which includes all items identified above.


Graduate Student Theses and Research Paper Award

The Graduate Student Thesis and Research Paper Competition was developed to stimulate and support graduate research of the highest quality by Central Missouri students. One award per college per year is funded at $150.00.

The competition is open to all Central Missouri degree-seeking or recently graduated graduate students.  Application for this award is by nomination in the spring only and is limited to theses and research papers which fulfill Central Missouri graduate degree requirements.

University Research Council

University Research Council serves to:

A. To formulate policies and procedures pertaining to university-wide internal funding for faculty research and scholarly activities
B. To assist the School of Graduate Studies and the Office of Sponsored Programs in promoting research and scholarly activities
C. To serve as a resource and liaison to departments and colleges
D. To review and recommend funding of faculty research proposals and research leaves
E. To review and recommend graduate research funds and awards

University Research Council Members

Name College Term
Lynn Urban Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies 2014
Kari Azevedo Library / Academic Enrichment 2015
Terrell Brown College of Education 2015
Scott Lankford College of Health, Science, and Technology 2014
Carla Maltas College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 2014