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Volume 35, Number 2, Summer 2014

Features: Martha Collins introducing Sara Eliza Johnson, Jack Pendarvis introducing Maegan Poland, & Eleanor Goodman introducing Wang Xiaoni

Folio: Post-Troubles Belfast Poets: Jean Bleakney, Moyra Donaldson, Damian Smyth, Gearoid Mac Lochlainn, Sinead Morrissey, Leontia Flynn, Miriam Gamble, & Sam Riviere

Fiction: by Kate Crosby, Patrick Dacey, Venita Blackburn, S. Brady Tucker & Mary Troy

Essays: by Mark Halliday & Drew Calvert

Poems: by Andrew Grace, Joel Brouwer, Melissa Kwasny, Kuno Raeber, Peter Cooley, Katie Ford, Amy Sparks, Chana Bloch, David Dodd Lee, Sarah Murphy, Jason Olsen, Emily Ho, Carmen Gimenez-Smith, Dan Bellm, Bruce Whiteman, Maya Jewell Zeller, Rich Smith, C. Dylan Basset, Shane Mcrae, Cintia Santana, Laura Van Prooyen, Joshua Marie Wilkinson

The Pleiades Book Review


Dianne Blakely: Retrospective: On the Occasion of the Publication of The Collected Poems of Louis MacNeice

Shorter Reviews

Chelsea Meredith on Dubrow's Red Army Red, Jen Marshall Lagedrost on Marks' The Radio Tree, Benjamin Johnson on Parker's Long Division, Mardi Stewart on Rich's Late Poems: Selected and New, Greg Emilio on Buckley's Varities of Religious Experience, Ryan Teitman on Chang's The Boss, Kristina Marie Darling on Cotler's Sonnets to the Humans, Walter Holland on Fleury's Sympathetic Magic, Jennifer Shcomburg Kanke on Hazelton's Vow, Benamin Johnson on Leithauser's Swoop, Hastings Hensel on Manning's The Gone and the Going Away, sean Morrissey on Mattingly's Scuffletown, Carol Niederlander on Norbrandt's When We Leave Each Other (trans. Phillips), Jason Tandon on Osier's Should our undoing come down upon us white, David Danoff on Salter's Nothing by Design, Jehanne Dubrow on Satterfield's Her Familiars, Lauren Moseley on Seay's To See the Queen, Edythe Haendel Schwartz on Sharkey's Calendars of Fire, Jeff Alessandrelli on Speaker's Ceremony, Anna Saikin on Terranova's Dollhouse, Bruce Whiteman on de la Tour du Pin's Psalms of All My Days (trans. Grotz), Bruce Whiteman on Williams' Catherine's Laughter, Jenna Le on Chin-Tanner's Turn, Jack Smith on Clark's Two, Two Lily White Boys, Jack Smith on Cummin's The Lost Ones, Malcolm Forbes on Keilson's Life Goes On, Brent Newsom on McCormick's Salton Sea, Kevin Holton on Bender's The Color Master, George Williams on Burgin's Hide Island, Kristina Marie Darling on Goslee's Blitzkrieg, Mardi Stewart on Lazar's Occasional Desire: Essays, Bayard Godsave on Minor's Praying Drunk, David Snyder on Sneed's Little Known Facts, B.J. Hollars on Stroud's Byzantium: Stories, & Jane Stewart on Kasischke's If a Stranger Approaches You and Mind of Winter.