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University Relations

University of Central Missouri
Administration 302
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4640
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The President of the University of Central Missouri serves as the chief executive officer, leader, and spokesperson for this distinguished comprehensive university. The President reports to the Board of Governors, whose members are appointed by the governor of the State of Missouri, with advice and consent of the state senate. The President has executive authority for the university, subject to the direction of the Board of Governors and By-Laws of the university. The faculty is represented to the President by the Provost and through appointed and elected faculty advisory bodies, including the Faculty Senate and an elected President of the Senate. The professional staff and support staff are represented by their respective councils, the Professional Staff Council, Support Staff Council, and the Bargaining Unit.


The University of Central Missouri is located in Warrensburg, MO, a community of 16,350 residents, about a 40-minute drive southeast of metropolitan Kansas City. Warrensburg is the Johnson County seat and a center of commerce and cultural activity, with thousands of visitors flocking to the community annually to partake in arts, entertainment and athletic activities at UCM. Family-owned farms contribute to the strong agriculture base, and civilian and military personnel serving at nearby Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the B-2 Bomber, make valuable social and economic contributions to Warrensburg and to UCM.


Established in 1871, UCM is a state-supported comprehensive institution that is constantly evolving to meet the academic and career needs of new generations of Missouri students and beyond through its five academic colleges and 150 areas of study. It has achieved national recognition for academic programs in areas such as aviation, criminal justice and education, and is a leader among Missouri's public universities in program-specific accreditations. UCM takes ongoing pride in providing a student-centered learning environment where tenured professors teach the majority of classes. The university boasts a 17:1 student/faculty ratio and a graduate job placement rate that has exceeded the national average for 15 consecutive years. UCM is also well known for its culture of friendship and service that extends far outside its campus boundaries. It has 22 international exchange agreements with institutions worldwide, and approximately 400 international students who contribute to a diverse student body. Students from nearly every county in Missouri, 42 states and 52 countries from around the globe attend the university.

As a major comprehensive higher education institution with more than 11,000 students, one of the university's greatest assets is its nearly 1,700 full- and part-time employees. Among them are 437 full-time faculty members, at least 68 percent of them having earned doctorates, 58 percent tenured, and 9 percent minorities.

In 1996, the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education established the university's mission as "a master's-level institution with moderately selective admissions and a statewide mission in applied sciences and technology programs." As such, the university has strengthened its technology infrastructure, added degree programs in applied sciences and technology, helped to strengthen the state's corps of secondary and postsecondary vocational/technical education instructors; and enhanced the institution's telecommunications network and public television station to provide distance learning opportunities for Missouri citizens. Technology now extends into every university classroom and there is campus-wide wireless access.

UCM is the only public university in Missouri to own and operate its own airport. Other special facilities which contribute to a quality learning environment include its 100,000-watt public broadcasting facilities, KMOS-TV and KTBG-FM, the Prussing Research Farm, and the Missouri Safety Center.

A new Campus Master Plan was finalized in 2009 to help guide future development on campus and maximize use of existing space. The university is currently engaged in two major capital developments, one of them a $36.1 million energy savings project, believed to be one of the largest such projects on a U.S. campus. The other project involves the renovation of the Morrow-Garrison Complex, which houses programs related to kinesiology and nutrition, and adjacent construction of the new Student Recreation and Wellness Center, which will cost about $36 million.


The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredits the university. Following HLC's comprehensive evaluation and site visit in 2003, UCM was recommended for continued accreditation for the next 10 years. Accreditation was first granted by the North Central Association in 1915, and has been renewed continuously since that time.

Academic Programs

The academic programs at the university are organized under five colleges: the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Adrian and Margaret Harmon College of Business Administration; College of Education; College of Health and Human Services; and College of Science and Technology. The university also has The Honors College, which is one of the oldest honors colleges in the Midwest, and The School of Graduate and Extended Studies. In addition to opportunities on the Warrensburg campus, a number of degree programs can be taken at the university’s main extended campus location, the 40,000-square-foot UCM Summit Center in Lee’s Summit, MO, which serves more than 1,000 students in the Kansas City metropolitan area.


UCM belongs to the 11-member Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division II. Varsity sports for women are basketball, bowling, cross-country, indoor track, outdoor track, softball, soccer, and volleyball. For men, they are baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, indoor track, outdoor track, and wrestling. UCM also owns and operates an 18-hole golf course featuring a state-of-the art driving range and year-round training facility.


As the chief executive officer of the University of Central Missouri, the President works in close consultation with the Board of Governors and a wide range of internal and external constituencies to effectively lead and manage the university. The President is expected to nurture and optimize the academic, human and financial resources of the University and to advance its standing throughout the region, state, nation and beyond.


The following leadership statement is intended to capture those leadership qualities that are critical for presidential succession. The statement attributes are a compilation of desired presidential qualities based upon individual interviews with each member of the Board of Governors and 12 constituency groups, including faculty, staff, alumni and community leaders. It is essential that UCM's President:
  • Exhibit, in the broadest sense, a strong understanding of the trends and issues in higher education and specifically, public higher education.

  • Have an appropriate academic background and proven record of leadership at a senior level in education, government service, or business and have the overall capacity to lead an organization as complex as the University of Central Missouri. The President must have exceptional executive acumen, be an astute strategic thinker, which requires an appreciation for shared governance, and the ability to understand the academic, financial and human capital dimensions of effective governance and management.

  • Possess core competencies of leadership with the ability to engender a shared vision of the University's future to elevate its hopes and energize the institution to reach new levels of achievement, effectiveness and success. The president must have confidence in his or her capacity to communicate that vision effectively to a variety of constituents and be a persuasive agent to accomplish desired change.

  • Be the primary spokesperson and advocate for UCM's culture, values, roles and responsibilities. The President must be effective in presenting the challenges and opportunities of UCM, with the ability to "hold his or her own" when competing for resources or defending the institution.

  • Recognize and value that UCM's greatest resource is its "people" at all levels. The President must understand the critical importance of recruiting and retaining highly qualified faculty, staff, and students and sustaining a culture that focuses on contribution and performance, which nurtures an expectation of success.

  • Value diversity. The University of Central Missouri is committed to attracting and supporting a diverse body of students, faculty and staff members. UCM encourages acceptance and respect of individuals with differing values, ideas, beliefs, abilities and life experiences.

  • Be a stable, optimistic and poised person who is energetic, tenacious, and has the visceral drive to lead the University. The President must be open and value transparency.

  • Be student friendly, visible and accessible to students. The President must be willing to hear student concerns, engage with students, care about and follow-up on student- initiated issues.

  • View the presidency as a longer-term stewardship commitment requiring sufficient time to realize fruition and sustainability of initiatives.

  • Possess the ability to relate to the University's constituencies, which require proven skill to listen, challenge, promote discussion, incorporate positive suggestions, and accommodate concerns when appropriate. The President must, therefore, create and sustain an atmosphere of relationship-building with multiple and diverse individuals and groups, including UCM students, faculty, staff, alumni, Warrensburg community, Missouri executive and legislative branches of government, and the greater higher education community in Missouri and beyond.

  • Understand fundraising and possess those intrinsic qualities that instill confidence in those who have invested or are considering investing personal wealth in UCM's future.

  • Instill an atmosphere that reflects a foundation of strong values. The traditional virtues of the academy—reason, integrity, fairness, respect, civility, community, discipline, and industry—are values that the President should embrace and embody.

  • Have the executive acumen to evaluate and sustain an excellent executive team of proven and accomplished leaders, all of whom have steadfast commitment and loyalty to the University. The President will have the sensitivity and mature judgment to maintain an effective and complementary executive team, share authority with them as appropriate and be committed to participatory decision-making and shared governance. The president must be self-confident and secure enough to celebrate and build on the success of others.

  • Be able to work effectively with the Board of Governors by maintaining a meaningful reporting relationship, keeping the Board informed and by fostering consultation with and among members of the Board on matters vital to UCM. The President should value the ideas of the Board in developing strategic and long-range plans, be open and direct with the Board, encourage dialogue and debate, and help build consensus.

  • Be able to balance the presidency with personal time to ensure renewal.


It is preferred that applications and nominations be sent electronically to by March 1, 2010. Please include a cover letter generally addressing the leadership qualities and a CV or resume directed to the university’s search consultants:

R. Kenneth Hutchinson, President
Hutchinson Consulting LLC


Jerry Baker, President
Baker and Associates
10 Glenlake Parkway-South Tower
Suite 140
Atlanta, Georgia 30328


Committee members and their areas of representation are as follows:

  • John Wilson, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Scott Strohmeyer, College of Health and Human Services
  • Barbara Martin, College of Education
  • Ron Woolsey, College of Science and Technology
  • Larry Haase, Harmon College of Business Administration
  • Scott Norwood, Library Services
  • Davie Davis, Faculty Senate
  • Mollie Dinwiddie, Council of Deans
  • Ryan Sanders, student representative of the Board of Governors
  • Mike Wright, Administration
  • Norman Betz, Emeriti Association
  • Rebecca Klein, Alumni Association
  • Dale Zank, Foundation Board
  • Peggy Harrison, Support Staff Council
  • Holly Davenport, Professional Staff Council
  • Gregg Sorrell, Bargaining Unit
  • Kati Roach, Student Government Association
  • Eugene Stillman, Office of Community Engagement
  • Judy Vickrey, Warrensburg Community
  • Joe Arce, Greater Kansas City


University of Central Missouri

The Board of Governors of the University of Central Missouri (UCM), located 45 miles southeast of Kansas City in Warrensburg, Missouri, seeks nominations and applications for the position of President. Established in 1871, UCM is a comprehensive, public university, with a budget over $175,000,000 offering bachelors, masters, and educational specialist degrees in over 150 fields of study plus two cooperative doctorates. UCM's enrollment exceeds 11,000 students.

As the chief executive officer of the University of Central Missouri, the President works in close consultation with the Board of Governors and a wide range of internal and external constituencies to effectively lead and manage the University. The next President of UCM will have an appropriate academic background and proven record of strong leadership at a senior level in education, government service, or business and possess the visceral drive and overall knowledge and understanding to lead UCM.

The Executive Search Profile is provided at It is preferred that applications be sent electronically to by March 1, 2010, and should include a cover letter and CV or resumedirected to the University’s search consultants:

R. Kenneth Hutchinson, President
Hutchinson Consulting LLC


Jerry Baker, President
Baker and Associates
10 Glenlake Parkway-South Tower
Suite 140
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

The University of Central Missouri is an equal employment opportunity employer.


Investment in Plant, less depreciation: $ 128.1 million
Plant Replacement Insured Value: $ 717,270,399
Cost of Operating Physical Plant: $ 10 million + utilities
Deferred Maintenance: $ 36 million in energy savings renovations
Endowment: Foundation $ 23.6 million
Budget: $ 179,282,343
Tuition and Fees: $195.30/SCH Undergraduate
$245.80/SCH Graduate
+$24.20 Fees/SCH
Student Enrollment:

Fall 2008: 11,063
Fall 2009: 11,191

Average SAT Score: ACT 22.1
Average High School GPA of Entering Class: 3.26
Average Index Score: 123 (100 is automatic qualifier based on state criteria for moderately selective institutions)
Freshman Retention Rate (2008-2009): 74 %
Graduation Rate: 4 years: 28 %
6 years:& 48 %
Living Alumni: 80,038
Number of Full-time Faculty: Fall 2009 445, Tenured: 58%
Faculty Salaries: Fall 2009-2010 Professor :$ 80,174
Associate Professor: $ 65,777
Assistant Professor: $ 50,603
Student/Teacher Ratio: 17 to 1
Degrees: Awarded 2008/2009
Majors = 273
Degrees = 16
Undergraduate: 1,675
Graduate: 563
Library Volumes: 2,128,497
Athletics League: Division II National Collegiate Athletic Assoc. NCAA Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Assoc: MIAA