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The Crossing — South at Holden

The University of Central Missouri is building a $42 million mixed-use facility that will feature apartments, a Starbucks, a restaurant, the university store and a convenience store.

Stay up to date on the university's progress on the new mixed-use residential and retail facility with an interactive timeline.

The Crossing - South at Holden

The 22,000 square feet of retail space will serve more than 12,000 UCM students, including 325 upper-class students who will live in the facility.

The Crossing - South at Holden

The future plaza at UCM is expected to create an active entryway to the campus from downtown Warrensburg.

The Crossing - South at Holden

Study and social spaces throughout the facility will include areas geared toward individual and group study, all overlooking UCM's Audrey J. Walton Stadium.