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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

Academic Affairs Plan

Mission - Academic Affairs at the University of Central Missouri houses undergraduate and graduate degree programs and other experiences in a learner-centered environment with current discipline-specific technology and faculty who excel in teaching, scholarship/creative activity, and service.  Through enrollment and academic support services, academic departments, staff and faculty participate with students in meeting the changing needs of the workforce, promoting an appreciation for human diversity, and gaining a global awareness that reaches beyond the university.  Academic Affairs shares human and academic resources with schools, businesses, industries, and public agencies for the betterment of society and to serve as a cultural, artistic and information center for the citizens of Missouri.

Academic Affairs Principles for Planning and Budgeting

1. High-quality academic programs and degrees consistent with the Institution's mission and the state-wide mission in professional applied sciences and technology supported by sufficient quality faculty, staff, facilities, and equipment will be the university's highest priority;  

2. Faculty, as a community of scholars, will be supported for their dedication to innovative and effective teaching in a student-centered learning environment; 
3. Research/creative activities will be emphasized as a way for faculty to enhance their expertise and contribute to their disciplines;

4. The university will maintain its mission as a Comprehensive Master's I institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs that meet the changing needs of the state, region, and society in general;

5. Academic Affairs will provide high-quality enrollment and support services that:

  • facilitate students' transitions into, through, and out of the university;
  • help students successfully meet their educational goals;
  • simplify and streamline processes to allow greater flexibility in decision- making at the lowest feasible level in the organization; and
  • complement services offered through other university divisions;

6. Access to high-quality degree programs and academic services will be expanded through a variety of modes of delivery driven by student needs, curriculum demands and funding priorities;

7. Decision-making in academic affairs will be data-driven with an emphasis on quality academic programs, continuous improvement, effective results, efficiency and collaboration across university units, and assessment.

Strategic Directions for Academic Affairs 2005 - 2010

1. Enhance the quality and reputation of graduate and undergraduate academic programs offered at UCM in order to improve quality of our graduates.

    A. Review programs, including general education, to ensure rigor, appropriate flexibility, and up-to-date requirements based on appropriate data and assessment results.

    B. Improve funding for facilities, equipment and technology that support academic programs.

    C. Select and support graduate and undergraduate academic programs for growth and expansion.

    D. Improve collaboration with the business and professional communities
In all of the above, give explicit attention to graduate programs.

2. Recruit and retain a diverse, high-quality, and sufficient faculty engaged in the success of students.

    A. Provide competitive salaries and benefits for faculty and staff.

    B. Enhance support for faculty to improve their level of scholarship, creative activity, and service to the discipline and university.

    C. Maintain an appropriate level of tenure-track faculty to ensure quality instruction and opportunity for student engagement.

    D. Enhance support, including appropriate workload policies, for innovative and effective teaching in a student-centered environment.

3. Recruit and retain a diverse student body that successfully achieves their educational goals while meeting university enrollment targets and quality of students.

    A. Provide appropriate enrollment, advising, and other academic services that facilitate student success and complement academic programs.

    B. Review and make appropriate changes to academic policies that inappropriately impede student success.

    C. Increase funding for scholarships and assistantships.

4. Increase student access to degree and other programs by offering multiple modes of delivery and locations appropriate to course and program content and funding priorities.

5. Improve collaboration and collegiality to build community among faculty and staff in Academic Affairs and across other university units in order to enhance service quality to students.

6. Enhance the data-driven Academic Affairs decision-making process with an emphasis on effective results, efficiency and collaboration across university units, assessment, and continuous improvement and fully integrate the SCT/Banner system.

(2005- 2010 version)