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August Minutes

Information Technology Policy Council
August 13, 2009
Dockery 210


The August 13th meeting of the Information Technology Policy Council was called to order by Dr. David Rice with the following present:  Dr. George Wilson, Ms. Jenne Vanderbout, Dean Mollie Dinwiddie, Dr. Russell Helm, Dr. Betty Roberts, Dr. David Rice, Dr. Odin Jurkowski, Dr. Ruth Burkett, Ms. Carol Smith, Mr. Mike Jeffries, and Ms. Debbie Combs.

Call to Order and Announcements

  • Dr. Helm gave the following updates:
  • Information Services guidelines for supporting events were distributed.  They are using a cost recovery model.  It the event is not a cost recovery event, they normally don’t collect fees.  The funds generated are used to hire temporary staff to make up for work they are losing.  An example of an event would be a summer camp in athletics where internet is needed.  Boys State/Girls State and the ACE Conference are also big IS users.
  • A document was distributed for procedures for managing computer accounts assigned to external users.  These are not guests of the university but instead have a relationship with UCM such as Sodexho staff.
  • The length of time for deleting network accounts for faculty/staff that leave the university is being shortened.  Emeriti faculty/staff and regular retirees are required to make a request to keep their email accounts.  Student accounts are deleted if the students don’t attend for three semesters.
  • Dean Dinwiddie and the library are taking on full responsibility for GIS licenses.
  • New technology and wireless will be installed in one residence hall and Central Village for testing.  If testing is successful, they will upgrade the campus.  This will be funded centrally and will be a complete change of technology but with the same vendor.
  • The ESCO project is creating some challenges for Information Services.  They are finding places for people to move to and getting their technology set up.
  • Information Services is looking at how to support smart phones on campus in the wireless network.
  • Information Services is looking at a program to connect 3G wireless cards to our public network.  It would be a corporate plan and they hope to make it available soon.  Public Safety has received a grant to put laptops in their patrol cars.

The minutes were approved as distributed.

Advisory Committees:  Nothing to report.

Libguides/CampusGuides:  Ms. Smith reported this is a product the library has used for about a year.  It is used to develop subject specific research guides.  Ms. Smith asked to have this placed on the agenda to see if there would be any issues with the library supporting these guides.  Members of ITPC gave their blessing for the library’s support.  The cost is $1,200.00. 
Blackboard Outcomes:  Mr. Jeffries’ PowerPoint presentation is attached.  The university needs to start looking at a global approach to technology, how it integrates, and what will aid UCM to push communication and content to mobile products.  He feels Blackboard can provide those services because it is no longer just a learning management system but more of a robust platform that can be used for a number of things.  Blackboard started out in higher education and now represents over 5,000 institutions worldwide.  Dr. Rice said the university is paying for other products which Blackboard could be used for.  This would then become an institutional responsibility rather than just an academic affairs responsibility.  He hopes to create some forums this year which will allow people to talk about these issues.  Dr. Helm added this group can play a key role in recommendations to the president.  He also agreed with Mr. Jeffries statement on addressing university needs with a single set of products that work together. 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary