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Academic Software Funding Committee



The Academic Software Funding Committee (ASFC) exists as a  subcommittee of the Centralized Software Review Board (CSARB).  The ASFC’s purpose is to recommend to the Provost/Chief Learning Officer a list of software purchases  for the upcoming fiscal year for acquisitions that have partial funding support from  university funds as directed by the Provost. 


Membership:   Representatives from each of the four colleges, a representative from Library Services/Academic Enrichment, two representatives of the Office of Technology. A representative from Centralized Software Review Board (CSARB) will serve as a liaison.  Each member of the committee serves a two-year term with a rotation established in FY13 that ensures that some members are experienced members.  Members may be re-appointed and are designated to the membership by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees. With appointment  of two representatives from the Office of Technology Vice-Provost for Technology.  A chair of the committee will be designated from among the seven members by the Provost.




Each year, as funds permit, the Provost makes an allocation of total funds to support academic software acquisitions. 


Academic department chairs are invited to apply to the Academic Software Funding Committee (ASFC), a subcommittee of the Centralized Software Acquisitions Board, for fiscal assistance in the purchase of software that is directly related to student instruction. The fund amount may vary from year to year and  is drawn from student technology fee revenues for the stated purpose. The Academic Software Funding Committee represents the Provost and receives purchase or upgrade proposals from academic departments, ranks the proposals on the basis of institutional need, and, with the approval of the Centralized Software Acquisitions Board, submits its recommendations to the Provost.


Each year the ASFC will issue a call for proposals for awards, purchases, and installations during the following semester.

To qualify for consideration, proposals must be for software that:


Additional factors that will affect rankings include:


This program is based upon the principle of cost-sharing, and the Provost will customarily provide up to but no more than 70% of the purchase or upgrade cost. In order to develop a planning model for those seeking funding. Academic departments are expected to provide the remainder of funds necessary for purchase or upgrade. 


There will be a standard application form provided on a webpage. The completed form will be sent to the Chair of the Academic Software Funding Committee by April 30. The subcommittee will complete its review of all submissions and submit its recommendations to the Centralized Software Acquisition Review Board and the Provost. The Provost will return the final funding decisions to the committee in the first half of the Fall semester. The Office of Technology will manage the purchasing details for the software, including ensuring that any needed legal review of the software licenses is accomplished.  When all reviews are complete, departments will be informed of the funding decisions for the appropriate semester. 

Committee may conduct business and voting via electronic means.



Updated charge: Via Senate Motion 2013-14_20

ASFC Membership

David Babcock

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Darren Smith Harmon College of Business & Professional Studies
Scott Lankford Health, Science & Technology
Alex Pagnani Education
Tony Shaffer Library/Academic Enrichment


AFSC Request Form FY16

Sample of completed ASFC form

AFSC (Academic Funding Software Committee)


Not later than January 15

Update Online Form/Webpage

Not later than January 16

Form to Chairs

Not later than March 1

Proposals Deadline

Not later than April 1

ASFC recommendation to CSARB

Not later than August 1

Review by OT/General Counsel

Not later than mid  Fall Semester