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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

Software Acquisition

UCM Centralized Software Acquisitions Review Board

In order to reduce unnecessary resource redundancies and cost duplication and to provide a
uniform system for evaluating, choosing, tracking, and procuring software, UCM software acquisition will be managed by a Centralized Software Acquisitions Review Board.

All campus software purchase requests beginning with the FY 2012 will be submitted to the UCM Software Acquisitions Review Board, including requests from academic units and administrative units.


The UCM Software Acquisitions Review Board reviews, approves, and facilitates the acquisition of all new campus software.  The charge of the board is to:
· Facilitate and streamline  / review and approve the acquisition of software for faculty and staff,
· Reduce redundancy in purchases,
· Encourage and support departments and offices to employ the same or similar software whenever possible,
· Encourage the development of user communities that support their members using complex software,
· Facilitate combined purchases in order to obtain the most advantageous price and terms, and
· Contribute to the maintenance of an institution-wide software inventory.

Specific Activities:
1. The UCM Software Acquisitions Committee will
· Review, recommend, and approve or reject requests for software purchases submitted by all campus units, to include academic and administrative requests,
· Refer, subsequent to review, requests for Provost funded academic software to a subcommittee, the Academic Software Funding subcommittee (formerly the Academic Software Advisory Committee), for evaluation and funding recommendations to the Provost,
· Maintain a list of previously approved software purchases, recommendations, and campus-wide licenses,
· Facilitate combined purchases of software in order to obtain the most advantageous prices and terms,
· Host online venues for various software user groups, and
· Maintain an institution-wide software inventory that includes software currently in use, license expiration dates, and any particular terms of purchase or maintenance.

Membership and Terms of Service:

UCM Centralized Software Acquisitions Review Board, which reports to the University Provost/Chief Learning Officer, shall be composed of six (6)  rotating members from the university community, consisting of one (1) representative from each of the other two Vice presidential units appointed by the respective Vice-Presidents and four (4) faculty members appointed by the University Provost/Chief Learning Officer. Additionally, there shall be three (3) permanent members to include the Dean of Library Services, the Vice-Provost for Technology, and the Director of CentralNet.  The Review Board shall be chaired by the Dean of Library Services.  A representative of the student body shall also be appointed by the Student Government Association.   All members of the Review Board shall have full voting rights.

Terms of service:
· Dean of Library Services (ex officio) : chair; permanent member
· Members (6): staggered 2 year terms, renewable
· Vice-Provost for Technology, Advisory (ex officio); permanent member
· Director of CentralNet, Advisory (ex officio); permanent member
· SGA member, one year term

Reporting Structure
1. The Office of Technology Services will be the review board’s agent for purchasing approved software for various campus units, maintaining records for purposes of maintenance and renewal, and devising and maintaining a campus-wide inventory of software in current use.
2. The Office of CentralNet will be the review board’s agent for providing pro-active research and testing and reviewing of software, for advising offices, departments, and faculty on software availability and features, and for facilitating online venues for software user groups - a designated staff member from this unit will serve as an advisor to the review board and meet with the review board as needed.
3. The UCM Software Acquisitions Review Board will report to the University Provost

Procurement Process

Additional detailed guidelines for submission and review of software requests will be developed by the UCM Software Acquisitions Committee and submitted to the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs review and approval.

Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.


Members of CSARB

Name College Term Expires
Jean Nuernberger Harmon College of Business & Professional Studies
Kyle Palmer College of Health, Science & Technology
Bart Washer College of Education
Eric Honour College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Mollie Dinwiddie, Chair Dean of Library Services
Ex officio
Mike Jeffries Director of CentralNet
Ex officio
Toni Kreke Finance & Administration
Scott Alvestad Foundation & Development
  Student Government Rep