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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116


Tuesday, April 9, 2013
3:30 p.m.
U 237A

I. Department Chair Discussions (Provost Curtis out of town)
A. Data Management including the University Fact Book - Judi Reine

Concerns for data collection, changes to campus structure lead to this discussion item. The new Fact Book is now online. How is the data collected and used? Enrollment data is based on census date numbers, hours generated and graduation is from the end of term. Enrollment counts are based on either fall or the full year (3 semesters). Dual majors are counted in both majors. Individualized majors are lumped together by department. IGEN and ICAP courses are divided between those departments. Newly revised document is much cleaner and more helpful, they did a lot of work reorganizing. Data packs should be available 3 weeks after graduation. Fact book should be out in December, that is the goal every year. Staffing shortage led to delay this year. Has our peer institution list been updated? The official peer list is still the old one, so it hasn’t been updated yet. Data pack for SOT will be one big data pack, but if you ask Judi can break it up by programs and can do so for any area with multiple programs/areas. Adding a new section called teaching matrix, breakdown of who is teaching (professor/adjunct/GAs) among other items.

B. Technology purchase policies (approval of technology; use of p-cards)

Question on what is approved for purchase of technology with p-cards. CIS dept lab purchases are different from classroom use. Need more flexibility for items that will be off network. P-card purchases are needed for emergency purchases (switch out and needs to be replaced asap). Would it be possible to initiate an approved limit (blanket approval under a certain dollar amount)? The delay in the approval process is making it difficult to remain current especially in technology area that changes so quickly. What could be really simple is so complicated (such as buying a keyboard and mouse). So many people involved. It took an entire semester to acquire a piece of software needed for a new faculty members class. iPad app purchases is also limited on p-card purchases. Google wallet purchases need individual approval.

C. Reimbursement for travel food purchases

Is reimbursement for meals adequate? Have faculty ran into problems? Have you seen issues? The first day of travel when you aren't familiar with the area yet it is hard to stay within the limit as you are usually limited to eating at the hotel. $10 for breakfast is also very restricting. The sales tax and gratuity is part of the per diem. 15% is the guideline for gratuity and anything more is out of pocket. Why can’t we just have a per diem, stop with receipts, and all the wasted time. So much time and man hours at different levels in multiple departments wasted with the current process. Debbie Turbow or John Merrigan would be the ones to address this. It is suggested that a per diem is given and if there is an overage of that limit, then you submit the receipt with an explanation. It seems both these issues are too complicated to be saving any money. Travel in general ($600 amount for the past 20 years) does not go very far at all anymore. Departments are having to make that up. If we are going to continue to require scholarship, then this needs to be revisited. Travel stipends in general need to be reviewed and adjusted for modern rates. This is especially difficult on junior faculty. Possibly discuss a sliding scale giving more to the junior faculty that cannot afford much. When you want to argue limits, AP argues that we are on state limits. When faculty are having to spend more money, it shouldn’t matter how much they spend. An international trip travel reimbursement was sent back so the Dept chair could calculate the daily conversion rate and resubmit. Another issue that speaks to the ridiculousness is a sodexo had given some funds to offset refreshments for a recent tournament and when the forms were sent to A/P they wanted the names of all 600 kids in attendance.

D. Advising - Bill Runyan

Changes on going. 5 new accademic advisors- Ed 1 AHSS 1 Harmon 2 HST. (Get totals from Bill)
Each college will have the autonomy to see how they will be distributed. Open options is having one added. From the Summit Center, Grenvell is being assigned to College of Ed. The deans met and the allocation was based on enrolled reports to get as close to 500:1 as possible. (500-600 students per advisor) The goal is to have the students meet with their advisor at least once a semester. Implementation is still being determined, possibly a requirement for at least freshmen and sophomores to meet once a semester if not all students. Provost has asked for more information on how the new software works. Art recommends students work with a faculty advisor, but this wouldn’t count would it? No answer, but will ask. This should be heavily considered. Program review with a program coordinator would most likely count. We want to ensure students are enrolled in the right classes to keep on track to graduate in 4 years. With the increased number of advisors in each college, will there be quota or system for division? Each college will decide how to divide up the students (last name, programm, 700#). Kicking around the term mentor for faculty advisors to distinguish between advising and what faculty actually does.

Will all the advisors physically move? Yes, if and when we can find space for offices. The goal is for all to be under one roof. The ratio range right now is between 300:1 to 1200:1. We are trying to balance this out. What are chairs and faculty going to notice differently? Continuity and less confusion from a student's perspective. We see confusion often with transfer students coming in the gateway center and then they have to see their college advisor. Students will know who to go to and where to go from day one and we can start educating them from day one. Is this a net increase or just shifting? Net increase of 5 and shifting 3 additional.

E. Chief Strategy Officer

Did anyone hear anything before the position was announced or have additional information beyond the posting? There are many questions about how this came to play, how it is funded, or anything information at all? Are we not going to have publicized positions or conduct a search any longer? We are told we cannot move current faculty on campus without a full search. Another question raised was how this adjusts the chain of command? It is a position the president made a decision about. These are good questions that are natural and should be posed in a conversation with the Provost. Was there a search or just an appointment? There is no evidence there was a search. It is terribly important to follow the stated hiring process when we are under a hiring freeze and we are being told to cut back we are under a funding crisis. Maybe this was a great decision and it will be great for UCM, but the fact we were not involved in any way is disturbing and only informed after the fact. What exactly is this position and the job duties be? It seems like a combination of part provost duties and part presidential duties.

II. Approval of Minutes from March 12th, 2013

Approved as distributed

Other Items As May Arise
Limited funding for scholarships for conferences and research have brought to question whether it would be advantageous to combine some of those funds that are out there (grad school and CTL). Always found it curious that there are different places to apply for money. Can we do better? You can get $1000 to go to a workshop for registration but it cannot cover any travel expenses. Maybe a central application that could be reviewed for which funding is appropriate. Why will it cover copies at the Library of Congress but not the travel there. There needs to be someone looking at what faculty needs really are. Faculty research and individual college awards such as the Byler award that have monetary awards can only be used for professional reasons.

Sluder thanked everyone for writing to your new students. If you would like to have your letter reviewed, Robin Krause is a wonderful resource. If you believe you have a model letter and want to share it, pleases send it to Rick Sluder. A letter was just sent to all the students regarding the new contact under Admissions return address but it is a presidential initiative. One went to students and one went to parents. Sluder will send those out electronically.

Future Agenda Items
A. Selection of Vice Chair and Executive Committee members for 2013-14 - please consider nominating yourself or a colleague before the next meeting. Please submit to Odin. Nichole Nickens is Chair for next year. Executive committee members will be needed as well. They meet one week prior to the council meeting so would entail one additional meeting per month.

B. Admissions, substitutions, and articulation of classes