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Tuesday, August 13, 2013
3:00 p.m.
WDE 2401

The Academic Council functions as the primary organizational group for department chairs and deans. The Council functions in an advisory capacity to the Provost/Chief Learning Officer for Academic Affairs. The Council recommends actions to the Provost who either responds or directs the recommendations to the proper person or organization within the university governance structure. These recommendations will indicate the Council's majority opinion on an issue or a call for action. The recommendations will be in writing and will contain the appropriate individual or group to receive the recommendation.

I. Department Chair Discussions

A. Open discussion/future topics

Clear language for pre-tenure faculty expectations

Data warehouse

Electronic Attendance Options- Jim Graham will be here for discussion do you want to bring anything up. Eric Tenbus, question, concern in auditorium is ingress and egress, how it will affect starting times. Concern about starting class on time, not against it but effect on class time. Students receiving an email or text regarding attendance is a good thing, but at what sacrifice in terms of lost instructional time. Jim Staab, concern about only having ten minutes to come in for a class of 120 students. Eric Tenbus: have been advised that it will not be the same as the student rec center, which has delay when card is swiped.

Blunt, will it be hard wired? Godard, his understanding is that it will be hardwired. Tenbus, Eventually will talk to Banner, but for fall trial, none of the data will be kept.

Koch, things need to be looked into more

Rogers, does it have to be hard wired or can we have wireless?

Godard – can we find something from computer science if there is any other options for electronic attendance they can suggest

Rogers, how long are we wedded to the type of id card we have now, would it be more effective to change to a smart card

Jurkowsi, will there be anything to keep students from scanning friends’ cards

Opatrny: pilot should be more broad, to affect culture of the students to make them more apt to use the system

Nickens: Some chairs expressed that their faculty would not appreciate this mandate, any thoughts

Tenbus – Academic freedom will be concern,

Nickens – looking at large classes this could make it less difficult to track the larger classes

Koch – would help when you have to give attendance last date

Rogers – Academic freedom versus they will be expected just as if it were a job

Kreiner – thinks it will be more of an issue if mandated that they have to use attendance data

Blunt- I just pass around a list while I start talking

Luehrman –Discussion of how list could be anti-ferpa

Butterfield,- should be good if used for enrollment validation.

Opatrny – there is a lot of interesting things an administrator could do with the data.

Nickens -- Staab and Tenbus, did you volunteer or were you asked this process this fall

Tenbus -- We were assured it was just a trial

Nickens - if pilot goes well, haven’t participated in discussions in college, is the idea that it will be used in all classes or just large classes. Staab, it will be for larger classes, 60 or more. Trying to think of constructive ways to handle, should it be voluntary per class. Recommend if we just want to see how long it takes to process into a class, maybe it should be a very limited number of classes after the pilot.

Godard- looking at time commitment, for a class of 120 people, time wise based on 10 seconds per student, there are seriously logistical issues when you consider 12 to 18 minutes for a class while people come in

Sekelsky- using a barcode system to track marching band according to company, they told instructors it will take an average of 6 seconds per students and around 5 minutes for a class of 200…

Nickens costs associated with this, how is it being paid for, do we know if it is coming from the deans or technology office.

II. Approval of Minutes from June 11th, 2013

Jean Nurberger motion to approve, Godard second, minutes passed

III. Questions on Written Reports

A. No reports submitted 

IV. Information Items

A. New items

1. Changes to Enrollment Validation - Teri Bowman

We had less than a dozen grades not posted, so thanks to your faculty

We have started doing probation and suspension drops

Has everyone had a chance to look over screen shots of the changes to the enrollment validation, following this will make the process much easier. As soon as you submit, students will be shot an email right away telling them they will be dropped. If student contacts you, you can then go in and pull the student back off the list. If you do not submit validation, reminders will go out to faculty to get it done.

There will be an ARGOS report of students dropped a well as faculty that do not do the validation process.

Grelle – would it be possible to have the chairs included on the reminder emails so they know whether it has been done.

Bowman, after first week classes will go away and then return for 2nd half semester classes

Darlene – returning to Grelle, we did not include chairs because they would get emails for everyone of the courses, ARGOS report will cover this

Greife – when you have a large lecture and then labs, will you have to validate

Bowman – labs will be linked to lecture

Opatrny– have faculty been notified

Bowman, sent to deans to be disseminated

Bowman -- soft launch of student enrollment validation, the students have the option of confirming they are coming for classes or no I am not going to be attending. Launched this week has already had 1300 respondents, with positive results.

Grelle, useful as we will be able to remove students from classes that mark they will not attend

Blunt, will online and hybrid courses be included

Grelle, issues with process at this point but hope to have online and hybrid included in spring

2. Co-curricular transcripts - Dr. Shari Bax

OT staff and student activities are working requires validation for some items, will identify person in each department to approve whether student actually participated

Blunt – will there be some sort of training for the students use

Darlene – for the students it will be like running a transcript

Antrim – you mention one designee for a department, is it possible to have more

Darlene – going to be in workflow, so it has to be sent to one person, but they can then route from there

B. Previous items

1. NISE orientation follow-up from June meeting : Dr. Grigsby will inform chairs if a new faculty member is not participating in the full-year orientation. [No news is good news.] Melissa Wilson has provided the orientation agenda for August 13, 14, 15 as requested.

You can contact Skip if there are any questions you might have, but wants us to realize it is not meant to be a evaluation piece.

2. Listing of hybrid courses follow-up from June meeting: Barb Hicks consulted with Extended Campus Laurel Hogue who provided the following information:

It is critical that the meeting dates and times are put in Banner Meeting dates/times (SSASECT) and the notes section. (SSATEXT)

Inserting both dates and times in meeting dates/times and notes section will help students and academic advisors in the scheduling process. If the meeting dates/times are not listed, students could enroll in a hybrid class and another class that met at the exact same time.

Complete document can be found at:

3. Annual report revision subcommittee follow-up from June meeting: The EC proposes that the EC rep from each college recruits one college rep for the subcommittee, to be announced in September. The subcommittee will bring proposed revisions forward in January ‘14.

Grelle requested he be on this committee

V. Discussion Items

A. R25 Live Scheduling software demonstration - Dr. Shari Bax

Kirsti Brunsvold, we will be updating our classroom scheduling software, from college net

Web based system for campus wide scheduling and calendar

Will be able to import all courses from banner as well as track facilities information, such as equipment available, seats, usage… will allow the ability to track costs

Benefits expected above current system, entirely web based, options of social integration with such things as facebook.

Has unlimited user license

Option of hosting application in the cloud, which means everything would be done by their IT, out of house.

People can see if rooms are available before requesting a room

Reports function that can run statistical reports on how areas are being used

Can integrate items into personal calendars

Questions – Butterfield, when will this be available

Brunsvold- meeting conference services will start using it in fall, and it can be rolled out slowly. The departments will continue to interact with banner and that information will be migrated to r25.

Bax – with this you will be able to see availability

Brunsvold – currently we have a separate request form and then info has to be reentered, they

Nickens - who will have access

Brunsvold – potentially everyone can have access.

Shari- each department will be able to distinguish who they want to have access to it

Curtis – do we have any better flexibility, will we be able to determine if this will make it a better method of space utilization

--To assure we are carrying over one to another, how can we make sure we are actually putting classes in optimized locations.

Staab, important to know that schedule will roll every semester

Concern about whether events will take precedence over classes

Vendor : Test utilization, you would run a report with data, and then determine optimal use of space, it can look at department priorities, it can look at getting faculty in back to back class times in the same room. There are other aspects as well, that it can be optimized

Can it group events based on a subject, such as all items in the performing arts, so you are not competing with each other on events

Vendor: this is something that can be done, group events in any fashion we want

Brunsvold – these are several functions that we currently do not have in the existing r25

Grelle – how does it determine priority, are we going to have a policy, that certain areas have priority,

Brunsvold —meeting and conference services will provide training

Mick – we have ownership of certain areas that we use at liberty, will this go away

Brunsvold-, we urge people to put

Gersham Nelson– will we have designated managers of the space

Shari- yes, if someone requests a space, there can be a designated space manager, before approving an event, such as the art gallery can give approval

Gersham Nelson – If we have the ability to do a space utilization, we could better pattern are course assignments

Vendor there are many different reports available, with many output options.

Gersham is there a summary

Vendor: Yes, there will be higher level reports available

Will current calendar be replaced and will you be able to determine – Brunsvold, yes

And will there be an option for functions to be unpublished as to content, Brunsvold -- yes 

C. Electronic attendance options - Dr. Jim Graham Nickens, major concern is with time consumption

Graham, legitimate concern, part of why we have two readers in the large classes being used. This is just one methodology, this is the first we are going to try, hope to gain experience of whether this option will work or should we explore something else.

Butterfield, will faculty in pilot receive the data periodically

Graham – base reporting will be available as it works with blackboard, but right now it will be minimal

Tenbus – who do we contact if we have any issues from the physical aspects such as issues of getting students through.

Rogers- will there be someone watching and gathering data as to whether people are actually using it.

Nelson- will be asking faculty to take attendance those days so they can also compare attendance and whether it is working

Greife – currently use the system for math lab, has around 70 students and they move pretty fast

Nelson – the students will only have to scan in, so hope that they will move faster

Graham- these are higher quality scanners, they are designed to have less hiccups

Nelson – ultimate benefit, be able to track students and if they are absent, an email can be sent

Nickens – is this in place to increase attendance, or is this for financial aid, or is there any other purpose

Nelson – The goal is student success, but there are concerns of enrollment validation, meet objectives

Nickens – will there be a lot of misreads, or other concerns

Graham – the hope that this will not be an issue, but won’t be able to keep people from double swipes

Curtis, we could have student workers watch to see what people are actually doing, such as swiping for other people.

Graham, we can have someone from IT team work with these observations.

IT – one issue is if a person has an older id card

Grelle – concern is if student doesn’t have their id with them or they say it didn’t scan

Nickens – where is cost coming from

Graham – if determined to continue with it we will be able to share cost, but right now we cannot say where it is coming going to come from. If it comes back that we feel like this isn’t going to work, at that point we will look at other options.

Nelson – want to thank Jim, Melissa and Darlene for all of the work they have put into this project in such a short time

B. General Education discussion Follow-up

(chair of General Education Curriculum Committee, Eric Nelson, and Dr. Lisa Runyan, Registrar’s Office provided answers to questions generated at last meeting, and additional informational documents)This includes links to the lists of Gen Ed courses proposed and Gen Ed courses approved. General Education Q & A

Eric Nelson sent this document out in June regarding course submission issues: Gen Ed all staff message

Eric, was only for the summer, they have yet to determine who the new chair will be

We will ask new person to come talk to committee when we they are available

Meeting called to close at 4:56 

VI. Other Items As May Arise

VII. Future Agenda Items

A. Student success committee update - Dr. Rick Sluder

B. Annual review of all faculty

C. What will help in evaluating pre-tenure faculty (how to document strengths/weaknesses prior to the P & T decision) Timelines & Frequency need to be addressed

D. Requiring all students to complete the online responsible conduct of research (RCR) training prior to submission of IRB forms for any research (including class assignments and no human subjects) E. Data Warehouse - [September] Dr. Skip Crooker [ please direct any questions you have to Dr. Crooker prior to the September meeting so he can address them at the meeting]


Thank you to Dr. Joseph Lewandowski and the Honors College for providing the snacks and refreshments for our meeting today.



Academic Council Schedule 2013-14

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