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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

3:30 p.m.

U 237A

The Academic Council functions as the primary organizational group for department chairs and deans. The Council functions in an advisory capacity to the Provost/Chief Learning Officer for Academic Affairs. The Council recommends actions to the Provost who either responds or directs the recommendations to the proper person or organization within the university governance structure. These recommendations will indicate the Council's majority opinion on an issue or a call for action. The recommendations will be in writing and will contain the appropriate individual or group to receive the recommendation. 

Approved as written

II.           Department Chair Discussions --Ask Provost & Deans to attend

               A.           Status, Structure and Organization of the Graduate School and Extended Campus

-Nothing to share at this time but we are on the fast track. 

-We are making sure that we have what we need to move forward; Janice Putnam will cover Dr. Vaughn’s spot at Grad Commencement this Friday.

B.           Faculty Advising & Retention

               FS will have subgroup that will focus on retention.  Dr. Sluder, depts are largely responsible for recruiting; retention is the middle part.  How much do we do with faculty advisors (rather than professional advisors)?  Are they brought together for duscussions about retention etc. 

  • Music does this.  Many different majors that work together and also independently.  Pretty well structured. 
  • CD and Social Work (mentors) assigned students, work with beginning junior year. 1 faculty member covers CD.  SW has hours at Summit.
  • Art:  meet once a semester w fac advisor, all ft
  • CTE:  at grad level, all advise
  • Safety Sciences: grad at time of admit, undergrad has assigned students; all tt fac.  No non-budget
  • English: one advisor for BA, one for BSE  (coordinator duties)
  • Art: by program area.  BSE to CoE for reg advisement.  For program, go to faculty member in program area.  Students seek the right person; we do not assign.  Have been giving exit surveys for several yrs; have always rated dept advisement high
  • School of Tech: orientation courses – assigned advisors, required to meet at midterm.  Meet wt students who are not enrolled for next semester yet.  Try to get involved with struggling students especially incoming freshmen.
  • Nutrition/Kinesiology: majors required to come in once a year.  Advising is tied to system of assessment so everyone has to get together and review what results were; will advise students based on proficiency in program. 

Dr. Curtis:  benefit to holding a session that will provide sharing of structure, procedures, different systems.  Who will look at data about completion?  Are there depts. Where only certain members advise?

EAB (Sluder) there is an online tutorial for EAB, very useful information. 

Suggestion:  set up Google Doc  to share practices

Panel with representation of high-retention high-completion programs

New audit system (DegreeWorks) is great.

C.            General Education Rollout Feasibility

Once approved, have to make sure courses submitted have been adjusted into the program.  Will we have enough info to schedule for fall?  Lisa Runyan:  Gen Ed is meeting twice before break.  Right now new program looks a lot like the old program…only 8 classes not submitted.  About half in queue

LeighAnn:  extending the March 1 deadline?  If we want to make changes based on what has been approved?  Can we extend to April? 

Lisa Runyan:  Catalog is not only issue; enrollment begins March 21…moving it would create a very restricted timeline for enrollment and making sure classes are available for students.

Paul Plummer:  I don’t know timeline but next week we will have something ready for you.  Next Tues. 

Transition?  Are ICAP and IGEN still going to be suitable for new students in new Gen Ed program? 

Deborah Curtis:  if we stay with the timeline that was established, how can we ensure that students can transition. 

Will be very liberal. 

A couple of major-specific gen eds are not coming through…

Mike Grelle:  it is now policy that for major-specific requirements, course still has to be approved for GE.  Can make exceptions for those programs that need it.

Alice Griefe:  another gap analysis would be helpful.  Take all courses and create what a new gen ed program would look like.

Michael Godard:  A one year exception would be ereally elpful in our programs because if certain courses are not approved to meet competencies can we have a one-year grace period to continue to use the old courses under a competency just for that peopd. 

Doug Koch:  any curriculum proposals going forward should be based on the new Gen Ed.  Catalog deadlines are same as for everything else. 

Paul Plummer- don’t freak out over wording.

III.          Questions on Written Reports

               A.           No reports submitted


IV.          Information Items

A.           New items

               1. USDC: Retention Committee, need for volunteers (U Student Development Committee…a couple of chairs who will be willing to serve:  Douglas Koch, Tony Monetti, Scott Chenault, Nicole Nickens)  charge to Ken Schueller

2. Doing Major Videos- please encourage faculty members in your dept  to participate.  Same info would be shared; same as at major panels. 

Who has been contacted? 

Eric – some kind of sequence?

B.           Previous items

1.  none                             

V.           Discussion Items                            

VI.          Other Items As May Arise

VII.         Future Agenda Items

A.           Data Warehouse - Dr. Skip Crooker

  • general update
  • how should requests for data be submitted?
  • how is retention tracked?  Are there data that show retention from semester to semester in a program?

B.           Requiring all students to complete the online responsible conduct of research (RCR)

training prior to submission of IRB forms for any research (including class

assignments and no human subjects)  tentative future item

C.           Student success committee update - Dr. Rick Sluder

D.           APRC:  restate the task of the Academic Program Review Committee (is that the right name?)  APRC originally was supposed to review all academic programs.  Why do they not review graduate programs currently?  There is a separate committee for Grad programs...seems redundant. 


Thank you to Dean Mike Wright and the College of Education for providing the snacks and refreshments for our meeting today.

               MEETING SCHEDULE

Academic Council Schedule 2013-14                                                                     

January 14, 2014              3:30       UN 237A

February 11, 2014            3:30       UN 237A

March 11, 2014 3:30       UN 237A

April 8, 2014                      3:30       UN 237A

May 13, 2014                    3:00       UN 237A

June 10, 2014                    3:00       WDE 2401

July                                      NO MEETING

Minutes respectfully submitted by Nicole M. Nickens

Academic Council