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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

Academic Council Minutes

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
3:30 p.m.
U 237A

The Academic Council functions as the primary organizational group for department chairs and deans. The Council functions in an advisory capacity to the Provost/Chief Learning Officer for Academic Affairs. The Council recommends actions to the Provost who either responds or directs the recommendations to the proper person or organization within the university governance structure. These recommendations will indicate the Council's majority opinion on an issue or a call for action. The recommendations will be in writing and will contain the appropriate individual or group to receive the recommendation.

I. Approval of Minutes from January 10th, 2013
-Minutes approved as written

II. Department Chair Discussions with Provost
A. Faculty classifications and categories/levels - upcoming discussions (Dr. Curtis)
There was an ad-hoc faculty senate committee and input solicited from Deans; Dr. Curtis informed us that we are engaged in discussions about what types of faculty classifications will help us meet our needs most appropriately. We need to move forward. Are we appropriately staffing our programs? Keep an eye on current needs but also future needs and learn to interact in an effective way with our adjunct faculty; there is a lot of work going on at other institutions along these lines. What do your accreditors say about staffing. Would like to move forward this spring. Second half of charge for the ad-hoc committee is faculty load.
B. Internships - update on discussions (Dr. Curtis)
All internships should have clearly defined criteria coming through any department. How do experiences connect with outcomes of program? Deans have been asked to respond to Provost Curtis this week with evidence that appropriate documentation is provided. What type of supervision is provided by the University and how does this figure into faculty load? Lack of supervision may lead to lack of documentation…
When will we have more information about categories and load? – we need to be able to quantify time spent in supervising load. We will not have a one-size-fits-all. We need a good sense of what is expected in internships.

Faculty categories will be a lot harder to define and agree upon.
-how do contact hours required for internship supervision equate with credit hours? How does this translate to load? Will a formula be developed and be consistent across the university? (probably not. There are different expectations from internship to internship)
-is anyone giving retroactive credit for experience that was not approved prior to beginning the internship?
-EDFL is looking at online/Blackboard advising…the catalog is one big PDF…very bulky.

What about the idea of different “tracks”? Ie, tenure track, practice track, clinical track, etc.
Market value – we seek individuals to teach and supervise who are very qualified in their field and they receive far less pay with us than in their field
Is this a cultural problem? Adjuncts often are not ever included in department meetings etc. Full profs may have certain beliefs about their roles and the responsibilities of others.
In faculty guide, instructors are not required to sit on committees

[Deans and others are invited to arrive at 4pm]

III. Questions on Written Reports
A. No reports submitted

IV. Information Items
A. New items
1. University Council for Student Development Committee (UCSD update) (Ken
-how do we get students into the university and how do we keep them once they get here?
-this charge and group have gotten much larger
-the is a recommending board, does not make decisions (are recommendations made public?)
-minutes are not posted on website but can be

2. HLC Update (Mike Grelle)
-Betty Stevens from K State is chairing review committee; has been here, met with Dr. Ambrose
-team has only 5 people
-so far has not requested to meet with Academic Council
-letter w final schedule will go out to faculty & staff houses info about the visit
-photo contest centered around 4 “Reasons to believe” – submit via Instagram for chance to win ipad
-teams working rooms will be in Union 231 & 233
-“Reasons to Believe” showcase will be Monday afternoon 3-5 (everyone welcome)
-one meeting is an open meeting with the faculty – please encourage everyone to come!

B. Previous items

V. Discussion Items
A. Can we purchase a data management system ie TaskStream?
-we need an accountability management system.
-Skip Crooker has been working on developing something “home grown”
-we thought we could use the Blackboard system but that did not work out
-we could bring in vendors, ask for bids
-do we want something that adds a student fee? Cost per student that students absorbs for university
-needs to be easy to input data, produce reports, run statistical analyses, etc.
-Skip will develop a system that can be accessed by everyone
-each program can identify the variables etc
-is there a time frame on this?
-HLC is taken care of – we will be using their system after this visit (it is only good for HLC)

C. Late start (ie snow and ice days) on TR vs MWF...classes start at different times
-Simple communication error
-Many exceptions to rules (irregular class times)
C. Timing of course evaluations
D. Reorganization of Grad School, Extended Campus, and OSP
* Innovation campus update
-revisiting building plan and some of you have been asked for input.
-Summit Tech and Summit Center are at same place right now. Phase II will be 75,000 sq feet of space and a group is moving forward to plan for that space.
* OSP update
* Dean or Director for Graduate Studies
-these 3 areas will be split apart
Recruitment & Outreach (Dr. Sluder) will get Extended Campus (Laurel Hogue)
We will “grow your own” Director of OSP
Graduate school – Tina Church does most of the administrative work in the Graduate School. We will continue to have these discussions. Would like to have better connection between academic units and Graduate School; establish a Graduate ‘Cabinet’ with representation from each college. Not doing search for Dean of Grad School and do not plan to right now. Graduate & Research discussions are virtually invisible and this needs to change. Grad studies are not at all part of the Learning to a Greater Degree contract.

VI. Other Items As May Arise

VII. Future Agenda Items
A. Admission standards, enrollment targets, and quality of students
B. Data Warehouse - Dr. Skip Crooker
● General update
● How should requests for data be submitted?
● How is retention tracked? Are there data that show retention from semester to semester in a program?

Respectfully submitted by Nicole M. Nickens