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Academic Council Minutes


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UN 237A



  • APPROVALS OF MINUTES (1/10/12) – Minutes were approved as presented with no objections.


  • Introductions as needed: Rick Sluder introduced the new Director of the Military and Veterans Success Center, Lynn Lowder.
  • Provost Update – George Wilson distributed handouts for posting in departments about Student Leadership opportunities.
  • Vice-Provost Updates –
  • Enrollment Management – Rick Sluder gave an update on enrollment statistics and encouraged department heads to begin reviewing general education course offerings for the fall 2012 semester.
    • Institutional Effectiveness/Assessment – In regard to the HLC topic Mike Grelle discussed the importance of departments to identify formative and summative assessments for programs.  He acknowledged the difficulty of implementing one practice across disciplines. What are some of the key issues departments would like to see when assessing student success. Some departments might use tests, sophomore reviews, internships, student teaching, etc. A description of process, methods used and outcomes assessed are needed to show that students are learning and improvements have been made. Program Assessment information is needed by the end of March including surveys, student satisfaction data, senior exit survey, etc.
    • Student Experience/Engagement – Shari Bax – Not present.
    • Technology – Jim Graham – Not present.
  • VP for Development, Jason Drummond, distributed two documents related to the state of the foundation. The documents outlined where the Foundation has been, where it is now and where it is going.  Goals for number of visits and total gifts were outlined. Developing donor relationships and gift income is vital to the future of the Foundation. The Foundation staff is focusing on the top 1000 donors but recognizes the need for campus-wide involvement. Donors need to feel that their dollars are making an impact and it is the goal of the foundation to demonstrate that effect. As the process moves forward, Development will be asking for more involvement by department chairs and faculty.
  • UCM Online Campus Security Authority Training – Officer Bill Brinkley distributed handouts, giving a brief overview of the CSA training. Public Safety recently started this training program because Federal law requires that the university report information on criminal offenses. Anyone who advises a student group is considered a CSA. There are currently 412 CSA’s on campus. Public Safety sent out an email to those identified as a CSA describing what is needed to complete the training. If the university is found to be in violation, fines of up to $300,000 or the removal of financial aide can be imposed. All Department Chairs have been identified as CSA’s and are being asked to complete the online training.
  • Market Pay – Provost George Wilson discussed the process for establishing market pay items. The process includes faculty review and a recommendation to the provost and is described in the faculty guide. Individuals most recently established are the ones more likely to be behind. Market pay disciplines are posted on the web site. Provost Wilson estimates that we are about $650,000 short of being able to bring everyone in the discipline up to their market pay.
  • Faculty Guide – Vice Provost Mike Grelle reported that the Faculty Senate Personnel Policy committee continues to work on the faculty guide. The policy that all faculty will be evaluated every semester, in every course will appear next semester in the faculty guide along with a list of faculty expectations. A special committee has been formed to evaluate faculty load. This is a complicated issue and one that needs to be rectified. At the end of the year, any changes will be noted and a copy will be sent to faculty noting the changes.
  • HLC – Mike Grelle emailed a document to department chairs about a month ago related to HLC. He is asking departments to submit current Student Learning Outcome’s. The HLC asked for evidence of collaboration with faculty (minutes.) Mike suggested adding it to departmental meeting agendas if departments have not reviewed them in a while. Validation is the other important component. He would like every department to review their curriculum every five years and send him a description of when it was reviewed and approved. All programs should be consistent in content. If you hire someone as an adjunct he or she should deliver the course content according to the syllabus made available on campus.
  • Innovation Campus – Mike Grelle – The pilot project is proceeding quickly. The first class of Systems Engineering Technology is currently being recruited with the idea that students entering the 10th grade will graduate with an associate degree when they finish high school and a baccalaureate degree at a reduced cost after two years in college. Learning outcomes for the program have been identified. They are also working closely with the Lee’s Summit school district and industry leaders. They are concerned about quality and are studying successful prototypes.
  • Provost Search Update – Three candidates are on campus this week. Please take the opportunity to attend presentations and provide feedback. The committee will meet immediately after the last candidate has completed the interview process to make a decision.


IV.           OTHER



  • Chair’s Compensation – Mike Wright

Next Academic Council Meeting March 13, 2012 at 3:30 pm, UN 237A