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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chairs and Provost: 3:30

President Ambrose, Deans, and Administrators to Arrive: 4:00

WDE 2020

The Academic Council functions as the primary organizational group for department chairs and deans. The Council functions in an advisory capacity to the Provost/Chief Learning Officer for Academic Affairs. The Council recommends actions to the Provost who either responds or directs the recommendations to the proper person or organization within the university governance structure. These recommendations will indicate the Council's majority opinion on an issue or a call for action. The recommendations will be in writing and will contain the appropriate individual or group to receive the recommendation. 

I.             Approval of Minutes from September 9, 2014

II.           Department Chair Discussion with Provost (3:30 - 4:00)

A. Strategic Resource Allocation Teams

  • some faculty didn’t get opportunity to throw their hat in the ring
  • lack of communication on this issue?
  • what is the representation on the teams? Transparency?
  • was it an appropriate forum?
  • more stuff coming on UCM Daily.  Everyone need to read it. Important information will continue to come on UCM Daily.
  • Several people were placed on these teams based on their expertise
  • Team One: establish KPIs. What other pieces will have new metrics? Other pieces on campus which has led to some phone calls.
  • Team Two: charged with budget process going forward.
  • Team Three: how we go about generating revenue? Coming up with ideas for generating revenue but only to supplement the chairs and academic departments. That’s the role of the academic departments.
  • Their work is not pre-ordained.
  • This can’t be pre-ordained. These groups will getting information as they go along

  • Concerns expressed about previous attempts (program reviews, reorganizations).
  • Issues of RCM model. Provost would like RCM for a full implementation.
  • This entire process needs to be about what we think it should be.
  • Rick Staisloff will have reps on each team.
  • President, Provost not on teams.
  • Provost confident that academic affairs is well represented.
  • Perhaps an idea to use a google site for communication. Is UCM Daily the best forum?

  • Parallel Budget: In 2017 move to new model. In 2016 we have two budgets: our budget and a shadow budget.

B. Office of Technology

  • OPs should have access to Argos
  • What happened to Mac access to Argos?
  • Concerns raised about OT’s lack of comfort-level with Macs
  • Need to use Mac projects in College of Education and fear of lack of technology support.
  • Issue raised that Chrome not working well with Argos
  • Communication problem with loss of Mac support for Argos.
  • Perhaps there’s a problem as to the College tech support and who’s responsible for training them and paying for that training?
  • OT can’t tell us what technology is.
  • right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Perhaps it’s more about inconsistent information.

III.          Questions regarding written reports

               No written reports were submitted.

IV.          Information Items

               A. President Ambrose visiting

  • teams are the means, not the end.
  • think of the teams as our tool box to help us, to best serve us and our programs
  • to make us higher-performing
  • 65 volunteers and some appointees and some recruited.
  • kept teams relatively small--
  • Team One: unified set of performance metrics. Focus on student success. Recruiting students. Keeping them here. Helping them get out into workplace. KPIs currently only new money to add or not add. But that is moving to full larger % student retention.  Need for good and reliable data so apples are being compared to apples. Student success data. Net productivity data. Shine on areas for re-allocation. Usable real time data. Not just academic but also other areas. Help us understand what fixed costs are there.
  • Team Two: fiscal process that allows more transparency. Revenue share. After fixed costs are covered, what do we do with our revenue? Institution is being put into this situation. Good stewardship has helped us build some capital reserves
  • Team Three: how to use the outcomes of teams one and two. How to move the ball forward and not go backwards. How are the resources allocated?
  • Teams wil be working on this year all year until next summer.
  • next fiscal year, we’ll pilot sone programs.  Work out some dual financial processes. Roll out the new budget in 2017.


  • Communication between teams? should committee members schedule meetings with chairs and faculty. A: All stakeholders should be involved in communications. Teams are working for us and anyone who wants good data. Website will be set up. Another series of Administrative memoranda will be set up.
  • Revenue Share: will it be renewed? A: Can’t answer that without teams going to work on this RCM model.  Revenue should come back as close to program level.
  • Chargebacks: Will we be responsible for all facility mgt? A: Some costs will come from the university. Some revenues will have to be grown so that there are funds for some things that come up.
  • How do we keep focus on the Education (not just numbers)? A: Think about diverse ways to grow our programs which can generate more money. Preserve and protect what we think is most important--that’s part of this mission. But we can look after other revenue producers (certificates, badges, etc).
  • How to track budgets: why can’t we simplify the budgeting efforts. A: We’ll never end up a true business model. we have to have our things that we value here at UCM (Music example).  Use other means to go get revenues that we can use to protect and preserve. Thus, the importance of the Vice Provost for Extended Campus. If you are program contracting, is this a degree program that has had its day.
  • Regularize a feedback loop to these teams. Pres Ambrose suggested having some kind of loop for feedback so that information is being shared. Move to transparency in resource allocation.

B.Searches coming out of Provost’s office: Dean of LIbrary; Vice Provost of Extended Studies (including issues of Summit Center and R7 partnership); Summit Center will come under one roof in 2017; Vice PRovost for Enrollment Management; Director of the International Center.

  • search for new Director of Summit Center

C.Levels of Training for using this Dashboard. 

  • concern that we know where the data is coming from
  • concern about accuracy?
  • they will come in to determine what needs are and how we should use it
  • get help.

V.           Discussion Items

VI.          Action Item


VII.         Future Agenda Items

A. Office of Technology: send your questions to your AC Exec representative for future mtg (CAHSS: Dan Schierenbeck; CHST: Mike Godard; HCBPS: Chris Opatrny; COE: Nicole NIckens)

B. Office of Accessibility Services

C. Admission standards, enrollment targets,  and quality of students

D. OP pay parity

Thank you to Alice Greife and the College of Health, Science, and Technology for providing the snacks and refreshments for our meeting today


Academic Council Schedule 2013-14                                                                     

Schedule for  2014-2015

August 12 2014 3:00 * WDE 2020

September 9 2014 3:30 Union 240

October 14 2014 3:30 WDE 2020

November 11 2014 3:30 WDE 2020

December 9 2014 3:30 Union 237A

January 13 2015 3:30 Union 237B

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