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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

April Meeting Minutes


Provost Council Meeting
April 25, 2013
Martin 128


The following were present: Dr. Deborah Curtis, Dr. Mike Grelle, Dr. Shari Bax, Dr. Rick Sluder, Dr. Jim Graham, Dean Gersham Nelson, Dean Roger Best, Ms. Emily Merchant (for Dean Mike Wright), Dean Alice Greife, Dean Joe Vaughn, Dean Mollie Dinwiddie, Dr. Joy Stevenson, Mr. Ken Schueller, and Ms. Debbie Combs.

Information Items
Dr. Curtis asked members for input on ways to increase attendance at the General Faculty Meetings such as individual college faculty meetings. Other suggestions included virtual faculty meetings, an end of the year celebration combined with a general faculty meeting. She asked members to send her other suggestions.

The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Report Items
SLT Update: Dr. Curtis reported the budget scenarios have not changed. The legislature has until Mary 9 or 10th to finalize the budget. She also stated that have started interviewing candidates for the Facilities, Planning and Operations director.
Faculty Senate Update: In the absence of Art Rennels Dr. Curtis announced Cheryl Riley was re-elected as Senate president and Alan Zabriski as Senate vice president.
Retention Planning Update: Dr. Sluder announced the Education Advisory Board plans to return to campus on May 14. He will distribute the schedule for the visit once it is finalized.

Discussion Items
Faculty Fellows Summer Seminar: This item was discussed earlier during the Council of Deans meeting.
Monday Morning Mentor: This item was discussed earlier during the Council of Deans meeting.
Role of CTL: This item was discussed earlier during the Council of Deans meeting.
Tablets: Dr. Graham said when tablets first started being used on campus a process was developed for supporting them. That document is being revised and will address operating systems because the Office of Technology cannot support all systems. Their goal is to take care of business and meet needs.
Secured/Unsecured Wi-Fi: Dr. Graham reported most of the wireless connectivity on campus is secured. Two areas are presently not secured and those are the south end of the Union and the library. Fans attending athletic events need to be able to connect to Wi-Fi but all control is lost and you have no idea who is connecting or what they are doing while connected. Dr. Graham said places such as Starbucks have two networks but that would be costly for the university. They are looking at options. He said we need to be hospitable but at the same time bridge the gap between being hospitable and securing the network.
Award Recipients: Dr. Bax reported on an issue of a student that had several disciplinary actions being selected for a significant award. She asked that members contact her office when selecting students for significant awards that will be well publicized so that disciplinary records can be checked. Her office will not make decisions on who should receive awards but can provide disciplinary information to those making the decision. Dr. Curtis encouraged members to be very cautious when making these decisions because if someone is charged of something it doesn’t mean they are guilty. There is a lot of gray area and everyone needs to be legally and ethically correct.

Dr. Bax asked members to provide information to her for service performed by students in the Warrensburg community. She needs the information in early May for a report she is preparing.

Dr. Bax also asked members for the information she recently requested for new student employee positions they would like to have in their areas.

Dr. Bax told members the campus activity calendar will be going to the printer next week. Items need to be submitted to Beth Rutt as soon as possible.

Dr. Sluder said the main question parents are asking about the contract for completion is about the benefits of the contract.

Dr. Sluder reported the report was received for last year’s financial aid audit conducted by the Department of Education. UCM has 60 days to respond,

Ms. Merchant reminded members of the upcoming Wine fest which benefits the THRIVE program.

Dr. Stevenson announced they will be moving into the Career Service’s suite in the Union and Career Services is moving into their area.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary