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Academic Affairs / Provost

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August Meeting Minutes

Provost Council Meeting
August 8, 2013
Martin 128


The following were present: Dr. Deborah Curtis, Dr. Mike Grelle, Dr. Shari Bax, Dr. Rick Sluder, Ms. Melissa Jones (for Dr. Jim Graham), Dean Gersham Nelson, Dean Roger Best, Dean Mike Wright, Dean Joe Vaughn, Dean Joseph Lewandowski, Dr. Joy Stevenson, Ms. Cheryl Riley (for Dr. Alan Zabriskie), Mr. Ken Schueller, and Ms. Debbie Combs.

Information Items
No information items were given.

Minutes were accepted as distributed.

Report Items
Strategic Leadership Team: Dr. Curtis reported preparations are being made for the State of the University address.
Faculty Senate Update: An update was not available.
Retention Planning Update: Dr. Sluder reported it will be mid-September when EAV comes to campus to go live with their system.

Discussion Items
Lumina Conference Report: Delayed
APRC Faculty Representatives: Dr. Grelle reminded members the committee has expanded its membership. A request was sent to the deans for names of faculty reps from each college. Some have been received so this is a friendly reminder to those that have not submitted names.
Student Reinstatement Process: Dr. Curtis said she recently had a situation with a student and reinstatement. She would like to clarify the process and identify a point where it becomes a no deal situation. When students get mixed messages it makes UCM look bad and can also create legal problems down the road. After a lengthy discussion Dr. Curtis stated she will talk to Hank Setser about this issue and then come back to this discussion at an upcoming Provost council meeting.
Promotion & Tenure Guidelines Process: Dr. Curtis said the process and practice of going through promotion and tenure needs to be clear and consistent. She is taking this item to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to get a timeline in place for this year. There needs to be a better rate of student evaluations. Another suggestion was to make it mandatory for chairs to complete evaluations on the faculty. There also needs to be a good definition of faculty workload expectations. Dr. Curtis will discuss this at the Senate Executive meeting to move the issue forward.
Data Dashboard Discussions: Dr. Curtis wants to make sure people can trust the data they are getting. There needs to be conversations about the data warehouse so units can do their own queries with confidence. She asked members how this should be approached. She suggested a couple of vendors (Digital Matters and TaskStream). A decision was made to have the next discussion on this item at an upcoming Academic Council meeting.
Space Allocation: Dr. Curtis reminded members of two space challenges that were discussed in the spring. One issue was solved and the other one needs to be resolved. A location needs to be identified for the English Language Center. A meeting is being scheduled to resolve this issue.
Advisors Handling Refund Requests: Dr. Curtis said this came up recently due to a request from a parent. Her question to members was where decisions should be made for refunds. For graduate students it is made at the grad office and students may appeal that decision to the grad council. One suggestion was that Mike Grelle should make the decisions on refunds with input from advisors. Faculty behaviors come into play on these decisions because a lot of decisions are based on last day of attendance. Dr. Curtis and Dr. Grelle will continue discussing this item.
Mid-Term Grade Reports in All Classes: Dr. Curtis wants to discuss requesting mid-term grades for all classes including graduate level. She will ask that this be added to the agenda for the next Academic Council meeting for further discussion. The deans unanimously agreed there should be mid-term grades for all classes and the only exceptions would be internships, practicum and individual projects. The objective of these grades is feedback to the students for persistence and retention.

Dean Nelson said they are ready to purchase pilot scanners for taking attendance in classrooms. The pilot will include two scanners for two classrooms. Provost Curtis has committed to spending $2,500 for this and the deans will make up the difference to meet the $8,000 cost. The pilot will be for rooms in Wood and WCM. The 2nd trial will be in Lovinger and WDE.

Dr. Curtis asked members what the process has been in the past for chairs teaching an extra course. The overloads have been based on the chair’s academic year rate. She stated she will give this item more thought and asked the deans to have additional conversation on this item as well.

Dr. Sluder said enrollment is up 3% in headcount and 2% in credit hours at this point.

Dean Nelson asked when Maxient will be rolled out. Dr. Bax said the reviews have gone well, they are tweaking the system and training is slated to begin in September.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary


Provost Council
August 22, 2013
Martin 128


The following were present: Dr. Deborah Curtis, Dr. Mike Grelle, Dr. Shari Bax, Dr. Rick Sluder, Dr. Jim Graham, Dean Gersham Nelson, Dean Roger Best, Dean Mike Wright, Dean Alice Greife, Dean Joe Vaughn, Dean Mollie Dinwiddie, Dean Joseph Lewandowski, Dr. Joy Stevenson, Ms. Cheryl Riley, Mr. Ken Schueller, and Ms. Debbie Combs.

Information Items
Dr. Curtis announced that President Obama will be speaking on a college campus in Buffalo, New York today and will be talking about the Missouri Innovation Campus. The White House called to let President Ambrose know.

The minutes were accepted as presented.

Report Items
SLT Update: Dr. Curtis reported the last meeting focused on getting the semester rolling and President Obama’s visit. Lumina and the Kauffman Foundation are hosting an event on November 13 & 14 that will focus on work with the Missouri Innovation Campus. Business partners and civic leaders in the Kansas City area will be invited as well as local school superintendents and representatives from MCC. Dr. Curtis will be working with the President’s Office to schedule some informational meetings on campus regarding MIC.
Faculty Senate Update: Ms. Riley reported the first meeting of the semester is August 28 and they are giving the full meeting to President Ambrose for updates. One item he will be updating them on is the mixed use facility.
Retention Planning Update: Dr. Sluder reported retention rates for first time full time freshmen is .1% ahead of last year and full time transfer students is up 2.9%. It appears that retention from freshmen to sophomore and junior to senior years is increasing. They had the regular call with EAB yesterday. They reported 100% of the success markers have been sent to Erin and she was very pleased. Erin said they have been done very well and it is clear a lot of time went into them. September 17th has been identified as the date for onsite training before going live. This will be the last onsite visit this year.

Discussion Items
Lumina Conference Report: Dean Dinwiddie attended a conference in May. There was a great deal of interest in e-textbooks. Lumina is trying to establish a platform on using e-textbooks and they want to bring a group together to do small pilots. They suggest if universities move to e-textbooks they should start small. Dr. Curtis asked Mike Grelle to bring a group of faculty together to see if this is something UCM is interested in. Suggestions for members of this group were Nicky Nickens, Kathy Leicht, Phoebe McLaughlin, Scott Lankford, Anna McCoy, and Kim Andrews. Dr. Curtis suggested asking Kathy Leicht to run the group once it is put together.
SPSS Renewal: Dr. Graham reported a couple of years ago UCM went into an agreement with SPSS. IBM has since purchased SPSS. They say the current agreement is not in compliance with their new agreements. The cost over the last two years has gone from $28,000 to $40,000. Dr. Graham asked members if they are ok with the increase and if the software is being used enough to justify the increase. It is targeted to increase by another 20% next year. SPSS wants to move UCM up to a right to use license and then it could be used from home or anywhere on campus. Dr. Graham said we have the option of not renewing and then we can continue using the version we have because we own the license. We would lose any support they give us if that is the decision made but Dr. Graham is comfortable with that. Dr. Curtis said to renew for one year and that will give us the time to have conversations at the departmental level on whether or not we should move to something else or upgrade SPSS. She asked the deans to have those conversations with the chairs. Dr. Crooker will be invited to an Academic Council meeting to discuss those options.
E-portfolio: Dr. Graham said there is an option in Banner to create e-portfolios. These would be useful for promotion and tenure and for accreditation purposes. Some vendors can be invited to campus to demonstrate their product but that would be a waste of time if faculty aren’t interested. Dr. Curtis suggested creating a short electronic survey to gather interest. Drs. Graham and Grelle will work on the survey.
Dashboard Metrics Meeting: Deborah Curtis, Mike Grelle, and Skip Crooker met and discussed getting something pushed out to chairs and program coordinators that they can start using. They plan to use a list of variables that are in the data pack, what was used to identify the signature programs and the state performance indicators. Dr. Crooker will write a script to improve the process. A group needs to be gathered to take a stab at this project. Dr. Curtis will ask Nicky Nickens to identify four department chairs (one from each college. She also wants two deans and Tina Church as part of the group.

Dr. Curtis asked for the deans’ assistance in getting her at any departmental faculty meetings that she missed last year. Her goal for this year’s meetings is for them to be more of a dialogue, more interactive, and a listening environment. She will focus on the departments she missed last year in the fall and then during the spring semester she will begin re-visiting departments.

Dr. Curtis announced she extended an invitation to Mike Racy to attend a Provost Council and Academic Council meeting as an observer.

Dr. Curtis announced they are moving forward with the R25 Scheduling upgrade. Training will be provided. The goal is to provide chairs more time by using the software and to use space more effectively. The Union will cost share the upgrade.

Dr. Vaughn reminded members of the following stipulations for grad assistants:
They cannot start work until they have a contract
They may not start work before the start date on their contract
They must confirm their citizenship status if they are an International student
For the summer semester the start date is usually the week before the semester begins
ometimes students are told they have a GA position and move to UCM from out of state and then find out once they get here they do not qualify for the position
A brief discussion was held on the expense of hiring grad assistants, offering them food plans and housing, and how some universities pay them $10,000-15,000 on top of their tuition. Dr. Curtis suggested having this conversation when John Merrigan was present.

Dr. Sluder reported as of today 12,360 students were enrolled which is an increase of approximately 700 students over the first day of classes last year. Approximately 300 of the 700 are grad students and 400 are undergrad.

Dean Best announced the Skyhaven Expo will be held on September 7 from 9:00 am to 4:0 pm.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary