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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
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July Meeting Minutes

Provost Council Meeting
July 25, 2013
Martin 128


The following were present: Dr. Deborah Curtis, Dr. Shari Bax, Dr. Rick Sluder, Dr. Jim Graham, Dean Gersham Nelson, Dean Roger Best, Dr. Joyce Downing (for Dean Mike Wright), Dean Alice Greife, Dean Joe Vaughn, Dean Mollie Dinwiddie, Dean Joseph Lewandowski, Dr. Joy Stevenson, Mr. Ken Schueller, Ms. Teri Bowman, Ms. Darlene Taylor, and Ms. Debbie Combs.

Information Items
No information items were given.

The minutes were accepted as submitted.

Report Items
Strategic Leadership Team: Nothing to report.
Faculty Senate: Nothing to report.
Retention Planning Update: Dr. Sluder thanked those that signed up for the Missouri Summit on Access, Persistence & Completion in September. He distributed copies of the Advising Action Plan from the Education Advisory Board (attached) for the student success initiative. He asked members to review the document and provide suggestions. The 15 to Finish Scholarship Committee recently met to discuss a tracking mechanism for the students. Dr. Sluder will be sending a draft document to the Provost within a few days. A meeting has been discussed for granting in-state tuition for students in all contiguous states. This would be effective for fall 2014. Dr. Sluder thanked members for their help and support for getting students enrolled for the fall semester. Dr. Stevenson reported they should have 43 new students in MSIT and 198 new students in computer science in the fall. Both programs have additional students waiting on their visas.

Discussion Items
Revised Enrollment Validation Process: Ms. Bowman distributed the revised procedures. Faculty will have a link in their self-service to validate enrollment until noon the second day of the class. There will be a magic button to use for perfect attendance. The faculty will just have to click on the students that aren’t in class and hit submit. This is only for absent students that have not notified the instructor that they would be absent the first day. An email will be generated to the absent students telling them they were enrolled in the class but they were not present. Classes will be dropped and an email sent to the students informing them. Online and hybrid courses will be exempt from enrollment validation for the fall semester. If faculty don’t validate enrollment, they will receive a friendly reminder that is computer generated. A tracking mechanism will be available for the Provost Office via an Argos report. A request was made for deans and chairs to be copied on the emails sent to faculty. Ms. Bowman will distribute the new procedures to faculty the week of July 29th.
Majors Video Project: Dr. Joe Moore reported a grad assistant has been hired for this project. Carol Knight is also assisting with the project and is building a set in the library for filming the videos. Professors will be doing the speaking parts. The purpose of these videos is to get information out for open option students to assist them in choosing a major early in their college career.
Attendance Tracking: Dr. Graham stated attendance tracking is tied to retention. Various methods of taking attendance were discussed such as a Blackboard option and card swiping. Some faculty take attendance as a way to get to know their students. There is a financial aid requirement for taking attendance. A concern was noted that by focusing on taking attendance the students lose their responsibility for attending class. Dr. Curtis asked Nicole Nickens to put this on the next Academic Council meeting agenda. She wants to ask members how to frame this issue so it’s consistent across all colleges.
Open Labs: Dr. Graham said none of the open labs have had computer upgrades for the last two years. These labs are supported by the Provost Office. Dr. Graham asked members what needs to be done in these labs. After discussion on how the labs are used members agreed that the 170 machines need to be replaced. Dr. Curtis asked Dr. Graham to get the information out on the 170 machines and move forward with replacing them now. Discussions will continue on open labs. She asked the deans to identify who should be part of those discussions. A meeting should be held in mid to late September.

Dr. Curtis thanked everyone for their work in preparation for President Obama’s visit.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary