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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

June Meeting Minutes

Provost Council Meeting
June 12, 2014
Martin 126


The following were present: Deborah Curtis, Mike Grelle, Shari Bax, Rick Sluder, Jim Graham, Gersham Nelson, Roger Best, Joyce Downing (for Mike Wright), Alice Greife, Tina Church-Hockett, Mollie Dinwiddie, Joseph Lewandowski, Alan Zabriskie, and Debbie Combs.

Information Items
None were given.

The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Report Items
SLT Update: Dr. Curtis stated this group has not met since the last Provost Council meeting so she had nothing to report.
Faculty Senate Update: The Senate has not met so Dr. Zabriskie had no update.
Retention Planning Update: Dr. Sluder reported he and Skip Crooker will be attending an HLC workshop in July on retention. Skip has data he will be presenting at the next SLT meeting on retention. The data is powerful and indicates the most important predictor is first semester performance. Things such as attendance, early grade reporting, early assessment are all key factors. Dr. Curtis wants something done this fall to address these students.

Discussion Items
Graduate School C-D-F-W Report: Ms. Church-Hockett distributed a report (attached). She told the deans she would like to know what they need in regards to reports, how often they are needed and who they should be sent to. She suspects some of the F grades on the report are students that thought they dropped the class. Completion of the graduate application process was discussed. A request was made for information to be imbedded in the application process to indicate if the application is waiting on documentation from the applicant. Grad coordinators need to take an active role in the process. Ms. Church-Hockett is in the process of setting up meetings with the grad advisors twice a year for purposes such as this.
Google+: Dr. Graham reported this is one of the menu options on Google deployment but it says it’s not turned on. User profiles have been an issue with this and Google has not fixed the problem yet. The Office of Technology will turn this on once the bugs are worked out.
Adobe: Dr. Graham reported they are moving in to the third year of the contract with Adobe and they no longer offer licensing. Some faculty use the creative suites and some use the Cloud. Dr. Graham will have a conversation with Adobe to see what our next step is and hopes to have additional information available soon.

There being nothing further to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary