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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
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May Meeting Minutes


Provost Council Meeting
May 10, 2013
Martin 128


The following were present: Dr. Deborah Curtis, Dr. Mike Grelle, Dr. Rick Sluder, Dr. Jim Graham, Dean Gersham Nelson, Dean Roger Best, Dean Mike Wright, Dean Alice Greife, Dean Joe Vaughn, Dean Joseph Lewandowski, Dr. Joy Stevenson, Dr. Alan Zabriskie, Mr. Ken Schueller, Ms. Amber Goreham, and Ms. Debbie Combs.

Information Items
No information items were given.

The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Report Items
SLT Update: Dr. Curtis reported that President Ambrose attended the Lumina meeting last week and Mollie Dinwiddie is there now for the electronic textbook portion. Dr. Curtis expressed her appreciation for the library extended hours during finals week. This is one of the areas of focus for the 24/7 service so she is happy to see movement towards that initiative.
Faculty Senate Update: Dr. Curtis welcomed Dr. Alan Zabriskie to the group as the new Faculty Senate vice president. Dr. Zabriskie reported the Senate installed new officers and they are working on charges for some of the committees.
Retention Planning Update: Dr. Sluder reported the Education Advisory Board will be here on May 14th. He reported that Beth Tankersley runs a funded project at MU called the Missouri College Advising Corps. They put advisors in high risk high schools to facilitate students going on to college. UCM receives a large number of students that go through this program. Dr. Tankersley also has a program that follows up with those students once they start college. Last year they had approximately 500 students reach back to them for assistance in areas such as study skills so she would like to come to campus to make a presentation. Dr. Sluder is coordinating this visit and has tentatively scheduled her for May 20. He will send additional information on this session to members as soon as it is available.

Discussion Items
Career Services Annual Report: Amber Goreham distributed and reviewed information from the Office of Career Services 2012 annual report. They collect data three times per year and the information is always available on their web site. The tradition continues of graduates being employed at a 90% or higher rate. Alums are brought back to campus to conduct mock interviews. Career Development Coordinators meet with deans during the summer and can address any issues or concerns during those meetings.
Course Substitutions: Dr. Grelle said some courses have been substituted a number of times and put in the system incorrectly. Dr. Curtis said these should not be a student by student decision and deans need to keep that in mind. This was brought up as a way to stabilize the process until something more compelling is created. Dr. Grelle will bring this item back to Provost Council when he has additional information.
Off Schedule Request: This is not just a summer school issue because it happens during the regular academic year. Dr. Curtis recommends these requests not be approved at any level other than the Provost level. Deans need to submit the requests to her with a written explanation of why it is being requested. There will be more discussion on this item in the future but for the time being Dr. Curtis asked the deans to look at the spring and fall 2014 schedules to identify courses where exceptions are needed.
Blackboard/Internet Outage: Dr. Graham stated when Blackboard went down this week at the beginning of finals he thinks it was a Blackboard issue. They were experiencing the highest number of hits ever on the system because more classes are using Blackboard during the day. The internet outage did not help. Dr. Graham thinks this can be fixed but if not, we need to look at something else. Blackboard should not dictate to faculty when they can give finals. The system is designed to be flexible enough and Blackboard needs to be held accountable.
Software Acquisitions: Dr. Graham stated Mollie Dinwiddie chairs the team that looks at centralized software acquisitions. Their proposal was approved by SLT and now the processes that support that document are being defined. The Office of Technology will coordinate the purchases by placing the orders, adding purchases to inventory, installation, and charging appropriate accounts. Dr. Graham said they are working out the kinks prior to implementation of the new process. Procurement cards are not to be used for software purchases. This new process is an opportunity to improve efficiencies.
Inventory: Dr. Graham reported the Office of Technology tries to maintain an inventory of desktops, laptops, tablet devices, printers and phones. Last year when they conducted inventory in the summer they came up with 10% of items not being located. They are working with administration and finance to develop a better way of doing the inventory and plan to wait until fall to conduct it this year. Dr. Graham added that the largest percentage of unaccounted equipment is not in academic affairs.
Printers/Copiers: Dr. Graham reported there are over 1600 printers deployed across campus from low to high end. One of the recommendations from the administrative review was to evaluate the number of printers and copiers on campus to reduce costs. One suggestion was having one central printer in the departments which would be shared by faculty and staff. Some copiers on campus are leased and some are purchased. Dr. Graham said his area is ready to attack this project but he would like input from members because the decisions made will impact how we do business by setting standards. He also asked members to suggest four to six people to serve on the group he is forming for this project.
Multimedia Projects: Dr. Graham said upgrades on multimedia equipment have been done on an annual basis in the past per requests they receive. He put this on the agenda to see if everyone feels this is the best way to handle these upgrades to meet classroom needs. If so, they will go ahead and roll it out for next year. By and large everyone is comfortable with the process.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary