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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council


April 8, 2010

Location: Union 101, 1:30pm.

Michelle Schubert, Ian Billingsley, Dennis Peirce, Carol Knight, Barb Carder, Charissa Davis, Rhonda Stangel, Rich Morrell, John Slobaszewski, Mike Jeffries, Toni Kreke, Melissa Jones


The meeting was called to order by Mike Jeffries, Vice President, Holly Davenport was out.

Review of Agenda
John Slobaszewski would like to add committee report from the Library Committee

Approval of Minutes
March minutes - motioned to approve and seconded to approve



Administrative Representative: Rich Morrell

  1. Cabinet meeting – discussions of budget
    • No tuition increases – no budget decreases (by 5%)
    • Governor is saying deal is still good, but opposition party says no way
    • Tuition has not been addressed to board, cabinet’s position has present undergrad, instate tuition as remaining the same as this year
    • Housing rates increased 8.1% room and board (no increase last year, need to catch up and pay bills).  BOG passed increase.
  2. Question:  What kind of discussions about 2 years from now?  President is not spending any time on this since he is not going to be around.
  3. New CIO – Jim Graham
  4. Rec Center progress – on track.  Scheduled to be done February 2011.

Human Resources Representative: Rick Dixon (no report - not present)

Support Staff: Cindy Merryfield (no report - not present) - Question: results of bowling for green?  No one knew today

Strategic Planning and Resource Council: Holly Davenport

  1. SPRC will be working on developing process for formulating FY12 budget.  FY11 budget should be approved at the next BOG meeting
  2. Rich Moreell – discussions for FY12 – committee agreed that they liked the way they formulated budget during the Bobby Patton years.  Take groups of people through specific areas of the budget.  Provost commissioned different groups to start working through the details.  Leadership is being set for the committees through the provost.


Member Services:

  • Breakfast is on track for 4/19
  • Delivering flowers 4/19
  • Slideshow is being prepared by Lisa Schmidt
  • Food ordered and paid for by Dr Morrell
  • Will money be kept for the next year that will be left over at the end of the year.  Request will need to be made to carry it over.


  • Finishing touches for next newsletter are being completed. 
  • Scheduled to go out late next week.

Human Resources: Barb Carder

  • JP Mees – decision – plaque has been ordered
  • Lisa taking care of the final details
  • Lisa put together a website of helpful links / resources for professional staff

Elections Committee:

  • Elections close COB next Tuesday, April 13
  • Holly will decide how to announce winners
  • Input on elections committee
    • People with most votes will slide into full term, next majority vote into alternative positions
  • Missed item
    • Alternates need to be selected for all areas, including at-large position.  Proposal is to treat candidates with less than the majority vote as the alternate position.
    • Motioned to approve and second, no opposition to make this official.
  • One position has been resigned – Raymond Bullock – Holly will appoint someone from the Administration of Finance area to serve on the council.
  • A candidate is unsure about taking a 3 year term, but would be willing to take an alternate position (1 year). 
    • Thoughts from council?  Is she gets it, she either accepts it or rejects it. 
  • Guidelines need to be reviewed to fit what we’re currently doing for the elections.  Recommendation from Mike to make recommendations for change of the guidelines to get them up to date as to how we’re conducting elections today.


  • Survey results – what does the library do with the information?  The committee is in a holding pattern until the library administration determines their next steps based on survey results and upcoming budget.
  • Presentation for new search engine at the last meeting – duplicate search engines may get pulled (the new one will provide all searches)
  • Lounge chairs, computers out of lab, Einstein's are used more frequently because of nature of how library resources are utilized.
  • Einstein's Bagel goal is to be in by the end of the month.

Professional Staff Facts:

  • 391 members – 23% of total workforce
  • 151 - Academic Affairs
  • 58  - Admin and Finance
  • 58 - Information Services
  • 78 - President and University Advancement
  • 46 - Student Affairs

New Business:

  • Presidential search – airport interviews have begun
  • Upcoming events - Annual Breakfast
    • JP Mees award to be presented at breakfast
    • 124 people registered as of today

Next meeting date:

  • Intro of new members and election of officers
  • Both current council members and new council members should be present.  Everyone has a vote in electing vice president and secretary for next year.