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Retail & Trademark Licensing

UCM Athletics manages the University of Central Missouri's retail and trademark licensing programs. If you're interested in retailing merchandise with official UCM logos, the first step is to become a licensed vendor through our program's manager, Strategic Marketing Affiliates, Inc. (SMA).

For further information, please email or call Shawn Jones at 660-543-8091,

Why Establish a Trademark Licensing Program?
A trademark licensing program is established to protect and promote trademarks in a positive manner. All official logos and wordmarks of the University of Central Missouri are protected under this program. Though protecting the integrity of the university's trademarks is an important part of this program, so are outreach, education and promotion. Creating and maintaining positive relationships with manufacturers and retailers is an integral part of the program's overall success, and helps to ensure that products bearing the marks of the university are of the highest quality and help to satisfy consumer demand.

What Do Licensing Program Revenues Support?
Licensed manufacturers must pay a royalty to the university on any product bearing the trademarks of UCM. These revenues help to support the mission of the university.

What Qualifies as a Trademark?
Any logo, wordmark, nickname, series of letters or acronyms associated with the University of Central Missouri distinguishable from those of other universities, teams, mascots or organizations are protected under UCM's trademark™ licensing program.

What Are Examples of UCM Trademarks?
UCM trademarks include any graphic representation, symbol, drawing, official university seals, words or series of words and acronyms that have come to be associated with the university, its programs, or intercollegiate athletic teams. These marks would include, but not be limited to designs that incorporate the following:

The University Word Marks
University Marks
University of Central Missouri
Central Missouri
University of Central Missouri Seal

For up-to-date graphics please contact University Relations at 660-543-4640 or visit The Graphic Identity Program.

*Any designs which may cause confusion in the mind of the public are a direct infringement upon University of Central Missouri trademark rights.

Who Needs to Carry a License With UCM ?
Manufacturers, producers and any other entity that plans to use the trademarks of the university must complete the licensing process and secure a license agreement prior to producing and selling emblematic merchandise.

What Products Can Be Licensed?
The University of Central Missouri reserves the right to consider and approve any product or product category for license; however, no product will be licensed without the approval of the licensing program. This helps to ensure that products bearing UCM's trademarks are of the highest quality and represent the university in a positive manner. Additionally, proactive review helps to identify products that may not be appropriate for UCM's trademarks, may be hazardous, or present a liability concern.

UCM Retailers Program
This program was established to create a stronger working relationship with local merchants who wish to display and sell UCM merchandise and apparel. All members of this program are required to be licensed with SMA. Businesses offer a variety of services; contact them directly to see how they can help meet your needs.

Alumni, Friends, Faculty, Staff, Students, Supporters Purchases
Online lists of licensed vendors and their products are available. These lists are updated monthly. You may purchase items from any vendor on these lists. The university and SMA will conduct periodic checks to ensure retailers are compliant with our licensing requirements.

Special Design and Bulk Orders
If you are going to have a special design or have quantities manufactured, a licensed vendor must be used. A listing of UCM's licensed vendors is available online. If you want to use a vendor who is not listed and needs to become licensed, ask the vendor to contact:
Strategic Marketing Affiliates
Pan American Plaza, 201 South Capitol Avenue, Suite 520
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: 317-829-5690, Fax: 317-829-5696

Who's Responsible For the UCM Licensing Program?
For more information on the licensing program please contact:
Shawn Jones, Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations
University of Central Missouri
Multipurpose Building 203
Warrensburg MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-8091

To submit artwork for approval, please contact:

Strategic Marketing Affiliates
Pan American Plaza
201 South Capitol Avenue, Suite 520
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: 317-829-5690, Fax: 317-829-5696

Look for the Label!
Each time that fans, alumni and supporters purchase an officially licensed UCM souvenir, the manufacturer returns a portion of that sale to the university as a royalty. The Collegiate Licensed Product Label is the consumer's assurance that the products they purchase are as authentic as their support of the Mules and Jennies.

No licensee will be exempt from paying royalty fees, and no exemptions will be provided.

How Can a License Be Obtained?
To obtain an application packet or to learn more about licensing and royalty information, please contact UCM's trademark management company:
Strategic Marketing Affiliates
Pan American Plaza
201 South Capitol Avenue, Suite 520
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: 317-829-5690, Fax: 317-829-5696

For More Information
For additional information concerning the university's graphic identity program, for authorization to use the items described in this manual, or for help in determining appropriate uses for the university logos and marks, contact:
Tim Pinkston, Licensing and Trademarks
University of Central Missouri
Multipurpose Building 300
Warrensburg MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4029, Fax: 660-543-8034