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The scholarship application deadline for the high school class of 2014 has passed.

This scholarship application will be available to students from the high school class of 2015 beginning September 1, 2014.

Before returning to this site to complete the online scholarship application, you may want to organize the following:

  • A list of school and community organizations and activities in which you have been involved. Include offices held and  
    years of membership. Also include honors/awards, volunteer work, and employment information.
  • A brief essay of approximately 250 words describing your educational and vocational goals, your purpose in pursuing a university education and indicate how this experience is related to your career objectives.
  • Name and last four digits of social security number of parent or grandparent who graduated from the University of Central Missouri (if applicable).

Bookmark this site. And, put a reminder on your calendar to return to this scholarship application after September 1, 2014.