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Next SSC Meeting

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 from 9:00 - 10:00 am in Union 219

The Support Staff Breakfast is Thursday April 10, 2014 in the Union Ballroom.


Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Annette Charles
Treasurer: Kimberly Courtwright
Secretary: Tina Walker

About Support Staff Council

Dr. James M. Horner, President, presented a proposal to the Board of Regents to establish a governance committee to represent the non-exempt personnel on the University of Central Missouri campus.  The Board of Regents approved this proposal at their June 10, 1981 meeting.  This committee was to be known as the Non-Exempt Employee Advisory Council.

The charge of this Council was to serve as a liaison between the university administration and the non-exempt employees.  The "non-exempt" group includes employees who are not either academic instructors or University Administrators (also excluded are certain professional, middle management, and other executive type positions.)  The Director of Personnel was to serve as ex officio member reporting to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. 

On September 8, 1983, the Sheet Metal Workers International and Maintenance, Crafts and Trades employees was proposed.  At the September 14, 1983, meeting of the Non-Exempt Employee Advisory Council, they voted to cease to represent these employees upon certification of the union.  The Board of Regents adopted the union at their January meeting. 

The Professional Staff Advisory Council and Faculty Senate were reporting directly to the President of the university.  The Non-Exempt Employee Council was the only governmental body that had to channel their requests for policy changes and benefits through the Director of Personnel, the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Administrative Council.   On March 7, 1985, the Non-Exempt Employee Council requested that their Council be consistent with the two other governmental bodies and report directly to the President of the university.  Their request was approved on April 30, 1985. 

In July, 1985, the Non-Exempt council was renamed the Support Staff Council.

Support Staff Council Presidents

2012-2013 Barb Hicks   1996-1997 Connie Keck
2011-2012 Brenda Dooley   1995-1996 Becky White
2010-2011 Brenda Dooley   1994-1995 Mindy Mantlo
2009-2010 Peggy Harrison   1993-1994 Monica Cantrell  
2008-2009 Stephanie Myers   1992-1993 Monica Cantrell
2007-2008 Debbie Combs   1991-1992 Monica Cantrell
2006-2007 Barb Hicks   1990-1991 Lori Myers/Cindy Culbertson
2005-2006 Greg Biesemeyer   1989-1990 Diana Hallerud
2004-2005 Judy Kenney   1988-1989 Margie Marsh
2003-2004 Judy Kenney   1987-1988 Barbara McNeel  
2002-2003  Sharon Kavannaugh   1986-1987 Barbara McNeel
2001-2002 Paula Brant   1985-1986 Pat Weyer
2000-2001  Paula Brant   1984-1985  Mary Whitehead/Pat Brown 
1999-2000 Sandy Williams   1983-1984 James Scott
1998-1999 Sandy Williams   1982-1983 Faye Epperson
1997-1998  Anna Fligge   1981-1982 Jon Faye


Secured health care changes for retirees.

Researched and initiated equal vacation rates for exempt and non-exempt employees

Researched and initiated the Crisis Leave Pool.

Funded and installed several campus memorials for support staff.

As of July 2011

Total Full-time Support Staff: 266

Average length of service is 10.47 years

Average annual salary is $29,475.10