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Next SSC Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 9:00 am in Union 219


Spring Support Staff Newsletter



Support Staff Council

President: Annette Charles
Vice President: Barb Hicks
Treasurer: Alice Dempsey
Secretary: Tina Walker


August 2008

Support Staff Council

August 12, 2008

1:30 P.M.

Union 101

Attendance:  Greg Biesemeyer, Brenda Dooley, Peggy Harrison, Kathy Maham, Ginny McTighe, Cindy Merryfield, Stephanie Myers,  Diana Summers, Holly Davenport, Dr. Betty Roberts

Guests:  Susie Pine, Noel Moore, Cheryl Trelow, Rick Dixon, Sandy Christ, Becky White, Glenda Carmack

Stephanie Myers called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Stephanie welcomed all attendees to the meeting, and each person introduced themselves.

Approval of June Minutes

Corrections given to Cindy.  No other corrections.  No approval until corrected.

Treasurer’s Report – Susan Malott –No report

Professional Staff Council (PSC) Report – Holly Davenport

PSC did not meet in May due to Bowling for the Green, but they will be meeting Thursday, August 14.  Thank you to the council and the rest of the Bowling for the Green Committee, it was great!

Administrative Liaison – Dr. Betty Roberts

  • Campus master plan is underway. Currently taking a comprehensive look at campus, beginning in 2007.  Winding up now, have had 2-3 town meetings, collected information, and held group sessions on campus.  Presented the Board of Governors with phase two of the plan.  We need more attractive entrance to campus, new parking, to decide what land we should acquire, and post new signs to tell people where they are.  This phase should be through the board this September. 
  • Morrow Garrison complex has been closed and excavation has been completed.  Starting the abatement now.  Hope to begin demolition either in December or early spring.  The university has entered into a construction management contract with J.E. Dunn Construction of Kansas City, and awarded a contract for architectural design and engineering services with Gould Evans Associates of Kansas City.  The design of the student recreation and wellness center puts it on the east side of the Morrow-Garrison Complex.  Meeting to begin interior design and finish project.  Will be releasing construction bids this February. 
  • Working on new golf course at Pertle springs.  Looking for PGA approval in order to offer PGM Program through Harmon College.  The expansion project has been going on for six months and is almost finished.  Reseeding grass and refinishing parking lot has been completed.  Designing new clubhouse now. 
  • Skyhaven Airport had their ribbon cutting for the runway expansion.  We received $1.3 million from the government for the expansion.  A new terminal is planned dependent upon funding. 
  • About $2 million in deferred maintenance is being addressed this year. Replacing and repairing roofs has already begun.  Emergency generator replacement is also underway.  Painting in common areas began this past spring. 
  • Replaced bleachers in the Multi, almost a million in itself.  It was a potential safety issue on one side, so both sides were replaced to save costs. 
  • Construction costs are up 30%.  This year we will have the $2 million from the state to continue to refresh the campus, and 10% of the carry forward from each division to put into the campus for projects that have been neglected for a long time.
  • A year back the President became a member of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment.  UCM pledges to develop policies and practices to make us climate neutral.  We pledged design and construction would meet new levels of environmental consciousness.  Silver certified building required for recreation center.  More green building, certified energy efficient building throughout campus.  Also trying to minimize our carbon footprint.  We’re asking questions like –
    • How can we retrofit campus to be more energy efficient? 
    • What can we do? 
  • Bid was developed and it is still out.  We want to define how our buildings can be retrofitted to be more energy conscious.  The selected Energy Service Company (or ESCO) will take the cost and begin retrofitting campus. In return we will pay them over a period of time, paid for by our energy savings.  Bids were due August 7.  The 120 page call for bids is available for viewing on the UCM website.
  • We already have an energy saving program in place in residence halls.  Cost avoidance was $600,000-800,000 this past year.  We are still paying for the bond that made those changes possible, but it has also been paying for itself.  We are drafting a letter as part of the President’s climate commitment a committee to move this campus toward green with a focus on recycling and waste minimization. 
  • The question was presented if we require energy star appliances?  Yes, but there isn’t a written policy.  Having green gas emissions is a main focus.

Master Plan Committee Report – Joyce Stephens

Not here- no report

Survival House Committee Report –Gretchen Reynolds

Not here- no report

Task Force on Compensation Report – Shelia Schneider

Last meeting was in May and they finished discussion on benefits. Steve Popejoy is putting together a recommendation but we haven’t seen it yet.

Bowling for the Green – Kathy Maham

We raised $415.19 for Survival House and JP Mees Award.  We had an anonymous donor take both of those totals to $430 each.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

Update on Climate Assessment-  Mr. Rick Dixon

  • Amplifier Communications is getting the drafts ready.  They should be available in September and their representatives should be here to brief everyone.  We should be able to give some good feedback.

Personal and Sick Leave – Mr. Rick Dixon

  • HR is available for questions on how the new policies came about.  MOSERS was not happy that we were giving eight hours extra per year and said we were not in compliance.  We were not the only University.
  • We had been this way since 1986.  MOSERS is having to look at cost savings too.  They did not penalize us since we fixed it quickly.  We had to comply with the 10 hours and tried to make the policy more family friendly. 
  • The goal was to try and keep the same hours we had.  The ability to use sick leave in a more flexible manner where some had used Personal Leave in the past.  It is more consistent with what other employers do. It used to be that sick leave was strictly for self.  It was opened up a little.  Now it covers those living in your household, including domestic partners.  We tried to accommodate dynamics we are facing today.  We didn’t open all sick leave, just 10 days. 
  • We have had a 1024 hour cap on accumulated sick leave, after that it went into an excess bucket, but then you couldn’t use it.  MOSERS said it must be available to them at time of retirement.  We took the cap off, but kept the 1024 hour cap for the annual use.  If we go higher for some faculty would have 2 years off.  The excess will be dumped back into your regular sick leave. 
  • Personal time will show up before this payroll is sent out.  Some people value their sick leave so much that they use their vacation for illness so it will count towards service credit. 
  • Discussion
    • So the sick leave that is being dumped back in excess but it is still there when you retire? 
    • Yes, it is still reported the same to MOSERS. 
    • If you came from an entity within the MOSERS system, could you transfer your sick leave to MOSERS? 
    • It would have been reported to the SAM 2 program when you transferred. 
    • If someone’s child is sick, don’t you have to have a note after 3 days? 
    • Yes, due to FMLA.  If someone is out 3 consecutive days it may qualify as a FMLA event. FMLA places you in a protected status.  The main benefit is to have people in a protected FMLA status.  There are a lot of things that go with that. 
    • Let’s say you have 2 or 3 kids, they pass the flu among them, do you have to have a doctor’s note? 
    • The supervisor has the discretion to require a doctor’s note.  For FMLA there is a doctor’s certification.  If it’s a FMLA event, a hospitalized child for example, we will send you the paperwork.  Your best bet is to contact your specialist in HR. 
    • Yes, you are required to use your leave balances before you go into unpaid status. 
    • You need to let HR as well as your supervisor if you think you will be out more than three days.  Rick may need to do some FMLA briefings.  With the democrats taking control they may pull out something call ergonomics which is very employee friendly.
    • Leave is one thing, FMLA is to protect your status while you’re out. 
    • If I have 3 months of vacation and take it, can I come back and not lose my job?
    • FMLA states that when you return you will return to your same position same area.  You have 12 weeks of protected hours per rolling year.  If you begin FMLA status in August 2008 then it goes to August 2009.  FMLA will protect someone’s job for 12 weeks per year by law.  This only applies to FMLA events, not just because you want to use accrued vacation time.
    • Personal Leave -Under the past rules, we could use 40 hours of our accrued sick leave per year as personal leave. Now it’s been changed to 8 hours.  If you need personal leave and you’re not sick, you will need to use vacation time.  Personal leave will not carry forward each year, but your sick and vacation leave will carry. 
    • If I have a doctor’s appointment I can call in sick?
    • Yes. 
    • If you work a 10 hour day, will you get 10 hours of personal leave? 
    • No it is in hours not days.  If a 10 hour shift person uses a personal day, they will have to use your vacation or sick for the other 2 hours.  We took the opportunity open up the sick leave and make it more family friendly.  Nothing was taken away, it’s just been reconfigured on how we report it. 
    • Flex time- If you are on four 10 hour days, then you would get 10 hours of holiday pay instead of 8 hour days.  If we have that flex form on file, then yes, but you will have to call HR and remind us.  This is all internal, not governed by state or federal law.  HR will come over and address Public Safety regarding their special circumstances. 
    • We haven’t received a lot of requests for flex time at this point.  You do not need to fill out the paperwork if you are keeping the 7:30-4:30, just the four 10 hour days. 
    • The academic council has been discussing the four day school week.  Pros and cons are being discussed.  Communication disorders has already changed their classes to MW & TR.


  • The Support Staff Council Summer Picnic was held last Tuesday and we donated 3 boxes of food to the Warrensburg food pantry.  We had 100 custodial staff R.S.V.P. but not show.  They were told they could come, but then the bosses told them that they had to clock out at 11:00 and clock in at 11:30.  With lunch starting at 11:30 it just didn’t work out for them.  Having everyone coming at different times would help alleviate this. Supervisors have a hard time when everyone leaves at the same time.
  • Discussion-
    • We thought we had it stretched long enough to cover everyone.  Remind Betty Roberts when the next one comes around and she will speak with supervisors to let them know that they have her blessing.  She will work with us.  She may have to forgive the hour, but their clock manages their time. 
    • Do they have to clock in and out at a certain terminal? 
    • They can clock in at any clock, but some may have specific limitations placed on them by their supervisors. (Cheryl Trelow) 
    • We have had issues with time that we are trying to correct. (Betty Roberts) 
    • This is custodial’s busiest time.  There were a lot of dynamics involved.  It was not punitive. 
    • We don’t want it to be a headache; we just want to know what’s the best way to accommodate them so they can be included.
    • The facility’s staff are managed by contract. They have developed a memo of understanding that governs how they function.  They are a unit.  As a governance aspect to that that no other group has, very much like a union contract. 
    • Even though they are not technically support staff, we just want to include them and keep them involved in the UCM family. 

  • Strategic plan will be coming to us (6th draft) that now identify the objectives and goals very soon.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 9 from 1:30-2:30 in Union 117.