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Next SSC Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 9:00 am in Union 219


Spring Support Staff Newsletter



Support Staff Council

President: Annette Charles
Vice President: Barb Hicks
Treasurer: Alice Dempsey
Secretary: Tina Walker


December 2008

Support Staff Council

December 9, 2008

1:30 P.M.

Union 237B

Attendees:  Kathy Maham, Peggy Harrison, Betty Roberts, Debbie Combs, Rick Dixon, Chenelle McNair, Shelia Schneider, Ginny McTighe, Stephanie Myers, Cindy Merryfield, Diana Summers, Sarah Bailey

1. Welcome and Introductions – Ms. Stephanie Myers

2. Approval of November Minutes – Ms. Stephanie Myer


3. Administrative Liaison – Dr. Betty Roberts

            Continue working on same projects. 

  • Progress on the E-curement-
    • IS and Purchasing are going to MU to see their system.  This is an outsourced system and the software will cost $82,000. 
    • A change in the approval level to $200,000 was presented to cabinet and will next go to the board. 
    • In the process of pre-negotiating contracts that come into the portal, .  We will see the discount prices.
    • Already negotiated contracts for companies like Corporate Express are being reviewed. 
    • The end result will be a point click shopping cart system on our end. 
    • Dr. Roberts hopes the board will not have issues, it’s about efficiency and savings. 
    • The system will link to accounts payable. 
    • UCM will be one of the first midsized University to use such a system. 

  • Per transaction limit on P-Card is still $1000 but you should be able to get raised on a need basis. 
    • Dr. Roberts will consider revisiting policy. 
    • Her office is currently performing an audit on p-cards to see how they are actually being used.  She believes the current policy doesn’t allow the flexibility that is needed.  If the current policy is not serving the needs of the institution, than it needs to be revisited. 
    • Deans are receiving monthly printout on the spending in the college. 
    • Dr. Robert believes in empowering people to make good decisions.  If everyone is ignoring the policy then we need to find out why.  It may not be feasible for today’s situation. 
    • Remember that the surplus property in Jefferson City is a good source for savings. 
4. Human Resources – Mr. Rick Dixon
  • HR has received many emails on hiring freeze. 
  • President Podolefsky brought all governance groups together and explained that we are being cautious.
  • The freeze on hiring temps has been lifted. 
  • Right now we are focusing on maintaining critical positions.
  • Areas can appeal to president and provost if you think your position is critical. 
  • There hasn’t been any talk of layoffs or anything related. 
  • Dr. Roberts has ran the numbers to see what the consequences would be for different budget cut percentages.
  • The President’s updates are pretty complete and forth coming, so we know what Mr. Dixon knows.


One time there was a task force assigned to look at overlap in jobs and duplication of efforts, is that still in effect?  Job audits are still going on, to update positions as they become available.  We have not looked across campus.  This task force was wet up under Dr. Shah and was purely for academic support services.  There was a report submitted. 

Posted positions are still posted, but we’ve been telling areas to communicate with applicants that we are in a soft hiring freeze.  These positions are not being filled right now, but could be down the road.   We don’t know much until the State of the State address. 

You can see the commitment throughout the administration that they will exhaust all other options before putting jobs on the chopping block. 

It is nice that they are forecasting, looking ahead.  We’re going to be in charge of what we do, and be proactive. 

  • The Health Alternatives Task Force is meeting next Monday. 
    • UCM fared well in the health arena and should have some refunds soon. 
    • HR is going to look at options. 
    • Charles (consultant brought in) is very knowledgeable in this area.  His expertise will show us how we can help our people. 
    • Expect more information in the coming months.


Could you simplify the letters that are sent out with coverage confirmation?  Consistency in language is a large problem.  They were initially labeled badly and we will look into this.

MO Cafeteria program is user friendly. An employee faxed in claim form on Monday morning and had a check in bank on Tuesday.  It was suggested that some training in the fall to answer any questions and make people aware of the program is made available. 

  • Dr. Roberts is currently attempting to get a webpage set up of UCM discounts
    • AT&T, 20% off at Verison, 3 cents off at Walmart gas, etc.
    • A majority of the campus is not aware these discounts exist. 
  • A reminder for the upcoming holiday break, the policy states you have to work the day before and the day after the holiday break (in pay status).


I-9 approval – have we geared up with extra people?  No, we have to absorb the extra costs to have everyone’s forms filled out to comply with the state law.  E-verify is the policy now, we’ll see if the new (state) administration keeps it. 

Can students fill the paperwork out now for next spring?  Paperwork is filled out on the first day of the employment.  If they take the summer off they don’t have to re-do it.  There was confusion on whether the information provided to support staff regarding student I-9s stated “the day the offer was made” or on the first date of employment.  HR will send out a clarification.

Do we need to send out a copy of the appointment form with the student? The appointment forms go to financial aid, not HR typically.  HR will clarify this  also.

5. Holiday Party – Ms. Kim Courtwrigh
  • 12/17 at 11:00-1:00 in Lovinger gym. 
  • Collecting hats, mittens, coats, blankets to be donated to several different groups, adults or children sizes.
  •  Questions – Call Kandice at 4876.   
  • Bargaining unit is invited but we will need to send an email to Mr. Gebeke to formally invite them. 
    • Most of them don’t have email access, but we can take a handful over to facilities to post. 
    • Their time is very closely managed, and they serve critical functions. 
    • Dr. Roberts will do her best to enable them to come. 

Meeting adjourned.