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Next SSC Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 9:00 am in Union 219


Spring Support Staff Newsletter



Support Staff Council

President: Annette Charles
Vice President: Barb Hicks
Treasurer: Alice Dempsey
Secretary: Tina Walker


November 2008

Support Staff Council

November 11, 2008

1:30 P.M.

Union 117

Attendees:  Cindy Moore, Dean Murphy, Susan Malott, Dr. Roberts, Joyce Stephens, Kathy Maham, Debbie Combs, Donna Roberts, Brenda Dooley,  Ginny McTighe, Cindy Merryfield, Stephanie Myers, Diana Summers, Nancy Gieslman, Teresa Heater, Jennifer Brown, Teresa Huffman, Colette Tilden, Sandy Christ, Shelia Schneider, Peggy Harrison

Welcome and Introductions – Ms. Stephanie Myers

  • Jo Mueller introduced Michael Sibert, the new director of Materials and Procurement Management. Betty Roberts said he came to us from Iowa and brings much experience from the purchasing world and is a delight to work with.

Approval of October Minutes – Ms. Stephanie Myers

  • Corrections in email. 
  • Mary who volunteered with Greg Beisemeyer? 
  • Shelia Schneider - misspelled name. 
  • Copy to the council. 

Treasurers Report – Ms. Susan Malott

  • Survival House balance $3867.33
  • Educational Award balance  $442.03
  • General Support Staff Council balance  $1070.82
    • Bowling for the green money has been added to our account

Professional Staff Council ReportMs. Holly Davenport


Administrative LiaisonDr. Betty Roberts

  • Projects are going well. Student Recreation Center- the students approved the fee and we are getting a bond for $21 million for that project.  Construction should begin this spring.  The Lewis and Clark Initiative is providing $14 million for Garrison/Morrow part of project.
  • Building has been vacated; she is sending monthly reports to state.  Doing abatement and have demolition schedule. 
  • Will be a melding of Morrow and Student Recreation Center together.

  • Master plan is wrapping up. 
    • 15-20 year vision.  Funding this plan is another item. 
    • Presenting plan to board on 11/20. 
      • If you are interested in hearing the plan come to the meeting.

  • Master plan revealed we need to do a better job at space planning. 
  • In process of developing procedures for space planning committee for SPRC.

  • Energy conservation will have a presentation at the next board meeting as well.

  • Deferred maintenance issues are a high priority. 
    • We have been band-aiding on campus for a long time. 
    • We are allotted $2.1 million per year for maintenance. 
    • Sent proposal to HVAC engineering community- what can you do to advance the UCM systems, to be more energy efficient, and neutral in cost.
    • Proposal has gone forward. 
    • Partnering with company – investment grade audit of this campus. (Will announce later). 
    • $2.1 million in projects needed to bring this campus to a state of newness guaranteed by energy savings
      • $2.1 million could be redirected. 
    • The companies have to guarantee a performance savings. 
    • It can only be over a 15 year period due to state statue. 
    • Will be presented in full at the board meeting. 
    • Solar, geothermal, it’s about reduction of carbon emission as much as energy savings.  All avenues being looked into. 
    • All 23 academic buildings were put on the table for consideration. 
    • Our goal, green and energy efficient.

  • 10% of carry forward was reallocated back to infrastructure and other needs on campus. 
    • There was $15 million sitting in departments. 
    • Structural fees were not touch. 
    • $1.5 million was taken back out for the institution. 
    • $1 million earmarked to redo the HVAC in the Science building. 
      • If ESCO comes in we can redirect that money. 
      • ½ million being used purely for security needs on campus. 
        • PA system, new doors that can be locked from inside, and lighting.

  • New project is e-procurement. 
    • Now ready to go forward now that the position has been filled (Michael – see introductions). 
    • The management of purchasing does not happen as efficiently as it should. 
    • Dr. Roberts is negotiating for discounts on educational discounts; harness our buying power to negotiate with companies for greater discounts. 
    • We don’t currently pool our resources.  It is difficult to say how much we spend from each company.  Since we don’t volume buy, we are not taking advantage of the power we have. 
    • Dr. Roberts will negotiate on the back end with the companies. 
    • Will be setting up a shopping portal that we will use to do our purchasing from multiple companies.  (like a mall online) 
    • Will enter into that relationship with Seiquest (they are banner ready). 
      • First mid-level university in Missouri to do this.  Banner has been wonderful in reducing their interface cost.  Trying to create better efficiencies with our purchasing.

  • The budget process has begun. 
    • We have some concerns about funding from the state. 
    • No idea if we will have to take a cut, but we are bracing for them. 
    • We are tied down by the state with the tuition cap.  Unless the state makes some kind of legislation to repeal the cap.
    • Bound by the CPI. 
    • As an institution we are going to have to decide how to deal with a shortfall. 

  • Ginny McTighe asked if leasing an option? (computers etc)
  • Dr. Roberts responded that she has asked IT to go through the process of pricing the leasing of computers-  Could we possibly go into a leasing arrangement that would enable us at a nominal cost to buy our computers through the leasing arrangement and then sell them back at fair market value or replace with new models? 
  • Waiting to hear back from them. 
  • This is a good way to keep up with technology. 
  • We have already converted some equipment purchases (snow removal equipment for example)
  • Did the same thing with lawn equipment – entered a leasing arrangement with John Deer. 

  • For those who have copiers who’s leases are up for renewal – do the math and contact the companies to see what they are offering.

  • Ginny McTighe inquired about copy paper prices currently offered through the warehouse.  Can we buy from other vendors?  They also no longer deliver on Wednesdays & Thursdays, and are taking a much longer time to deliver.
  • Warehouse/set-ups is responsible for paper deliveries and larger deliveries.  Dr. Roberts will look into the delays and the price of paper.

  • Food and facilities contract. 
    • Have not been refreshed in 20 + years. 
    • Had to bring in experts. 
    • Loss internal expertise when you privatize. 
    • We tried to write the bid ourselves and it did not work. 
    • Writing the RFP. 
    • Capturing financial opportunities and service opportunities. 
    • Nov 12 will go out. 
    • More than the two companies that are already hear have been approached.  Blind review in place. 
    • Depersonalized. 
    • Non-identified evaluation committee. 
    • Looking forward to great benefits, outsourcing and looking at the numbers if we did it in house.

November Community Coffee – Ms. Peggy Harrison

  • We received 372 items donated. 
    • We won! 
  • Mike Jefferies delivered our donations to the food pantry, but we have not heard from the food bank. 
  • We are getting to transition to the one card system (ID, central cash, debit combined) 
    • User friendly campus. 
    • They are starting to convert hardware now (washing machines, etc.)

Dave Gillespie was wonderful.  He found boxes, tape, and helped load.  He was great.  We appreciate Mike Jefferies as well.

Holiday Party – Ms. Cindy Moore

  • Support Staff Council & Professional Staff Council are working together on the Holiday Party. 
  • Scheduled for December 17 in Lovinger Gym.
  • The Theme this year is “Feel the Warmth”. 
    • Bring in mittens hats, scarves, blankets (used in good condition is fine). 
    • Survival house and Teacher’s warehouse are to benefit. 
  • Will have a carry-in (or potluck) meal. 
    • Food waiver already approved by Sodexho. 
  • 11:00-1:00.   
    • Admin and Finance are doing their annual party at the same day and the same time. 
  • Sodexho will be providing hot chocolate and coffee. 
  • Gym will be open at 9:00 for drop offs. 
  • We have a lot of paper products left over from last year that we will be able to utilize. 
  • Funding from support staff council. 
  • Need to make sure it is on the campus calendar. 
  • Committee consists of 9 members, a mix from both councils


  • Stephanie has been asked to be on a student employee task force. 
    • Trying to figure out how to get more student jobs. 
    • Students come to the university to learn but some of them need extra income. 
      • 2006-07 had 1240 student employees
      • 2007-08 had 1193 student employees
      • 2008-09 had 760 student employees. 
        • Work study and regular student workers. 
    • Work Study has been cut as well. 
    • With budget cuts we cannot afford to pay for students outright. 
    • Cost of wages increase again in Jan and then again in July. 
    • Purpose of task force is how to retain student employees, get them more jobs on and off campus. 
    • Survey going out to employees and students. 
    • It would be good to know what the prevailing part-time wage is in Warrensburg outside the university. 
      • You can pay them more but you’re paying them out of your budget. 
      • Library is the 2nd largest student employer and they have had to cut positions due to minimum wage increase and it will go up to $7.10 per hour. 
    • Does this committee have a time frame? 
      • Nov – Jan collect data
      • Jan-March suggestion to apply data 
      • April firm recommendation to president. 
    • 9.9% decrease in work-study over the last year. 
    • Rich Morrell and George Wilson have started this committee. 
      • Tena Duncan, Patrick Bradley, Gerry Hughes, Rick Dixon, Cheryl Trelow, Mollie Dinwiddie, Teresa Alewel, Matt Melvin (other committee meetings) Phil Shreves. 
    • This is a very worthy cause, because the students really need this opportunity. 
      • Some student workers only have work study in the spring, they do not qualify in the fall.   
    • If you have comments concerns, we’ve made two different survey committees one for students and one for departments. 
    • If you have questions that you would like Stephanie to present to the task force, please let her know.   
    • She would really appreciate your comments. 

Add to next month’s agenda – why support staff and professional staff presidents do not get release time like faculty senate.